Wedding Woes


1.  Poor DD2 has eczema on the insides of her elbows and right above each butt cheek.  The doc gave us a prescription for when it gets bad.  He said it could get better over time/she could grow out of it but sometimes they don't.  With as bad as DH's allergies/hay fever/sinus crap is, I won't be surprised if she doesn't grow out of it.

2.  My mom met us half way last night to take our kids until tomorrow afternoon.  Yay for unexpected kidlessness!

3.  Since I have no kids, I'm running around getting ready for vacation.  I just went to the tire place to get our front two tires looked at (both have slow leaks).  Unfortunately they both needed replaced.  As they were finishing up, they checked our rear tires and noticed one of them was really bad on the inside and just replaced it free of charge.  What!?  I couldn't believe it.  The fourth tire was replaced (at this tire place) the day after our Easter blow out on the interstate.  Tire WIN!

4.  I have a few more errands to run today.  While I'm out, I'm treating myself to lunch but there are too many options. I know as soon as I pick a place and get my food, I'm going to think of another place that's just as good.  FWP.

Re: Things

  • 1. Boo
    2-3, YAY!
    4.  I have the same issue when I'm alone. 

    Where are you going on vacay? 
  • We're going to STL for a few days next week.  We originally had plans for Denver, but DH's company pulled the same crap they did in 2012 ("Here are X vacation days.  But you can only actually use half of them!") so we had to shorten the vacation and stay closer to home.  

    We're planning to do a long weekend in Chicago in the fall for another getaway.  I hope the kids don't get sick of Six Flags.  :)

  • Boo to PTO fuckery.  :( 

    DH desparately wants to take a vacation this year, but I'm not sure with everything else that's going on. We'll see. 
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    Yay for the tire awesomeness, I love great customer service.  That is the same reason I use the same tire place for my oil changes time and again.  They never screw you on pricing and they are always willing to help. 

    My things:

    -BFF's bach party is starting on Friday, I have the day off and am driving up after work tomorrow.  I need some friend time and drinks badly

    -H is the bestest.  He talked me down from doom this morning, that coupled with recovery of some deleted shady files makes me so happy.

  • Ooo, hit up The Magic House, @tawillers.  I still remember going there when I was 15 and having an absolute blast.  We spent hours in there.

    I have to took two veggie lasagnas tonight, get flyers updated for Pride, get ready for meeting on Thursday that hopefully is not too acrimonious.  Then bake 2 dozen cupcakes on Friday, get those and lasagnas to friend on Saturday (I'm helping feed homeless veterans on Saturday, wish I could help serve, but see following) and do Pride stuff all day Saturday.

    Remember when I said I needed a social life b/c I was bored.  Yeah, I should've remembered I never do anything to moderation.
  • We are going to go to The Magic House, V.  We took Son there in 2007 and he had a blast.  I can't remember too much of it, other than he had fun.  I'm sure the girls will love it.

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