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Sister steps on toes

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Thanks for the input everyone!

Re: Sister steps on toes

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    Don't you have prior plans? Time away with your new husband? Or a meeting to go to?

    On the other hand, you will have had your DAY. That's all you get. One day.
  • Hmmm, I see this backfiring more for her than for you.  What do you think the topic of conversation will likely be the day after the weekend in which they attended your wedding?  Your sister should give serious consideration to wait, even if it is the following week.  I'm sorry, but if I were attending that engagement party and a whole bunch of people were just at the same event I had attended a few days before, I'd be talking and thinking about that. 

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    You posted this on three boards?  Good idea to label it as a XP (crosspost) if you're going to do that.

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