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The "sanctity of wedding vows" argument is one of the most annoying ones

Dear Prudie,
I have been in a stable relationship with a married co-worker for two years. I get some flak for it because he still lives with his wife and their 10-year-old twins, but the wife is aware he sees another woman, and she hasn’t had intimate relations with him for the last five years. He has talked about our living together when his children are grown and we both consider this to be a committed relationship; we do not see other people. My own twin sister is now getting married for the third time and has recently become a devout Christian. I was invited to the wedding, but my partner was specifically excluded. When I asked her why, she said it was because our relationship made a mockery of the sanctity of wedding vows. I find this hilarious coming from a twice-divorced woman marrying a divorced man. Her fiancé, who is lovely, is fine with my partner coming, and my sister has met him many times and has always been gracious. Should I simply attend without my partner, or should I refuse to go unless I am permitted to bring him along?

—Not the Evil Twin

Re: The "sanctity of wedding vows" argument is one of the most annoying ones

  • Honestly? I wouldn't go. 

    I don't understand why the sister's all offended by this. It's not her marriage or her relationship; it doesn't affect her. But if she's going to be all up in my bizness and making bitchy declarations about who "counts" as a partner and who doesn't, well, I ain't got time for that. I'll stay home and watch Netflix and be happy instead of being annoyed all day. 
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    She's having the holier-than-thou attitude that really, she doesn't get to have since she is twice divorced herself. I would stay at home too, but then again it is your sister...what have you decided?
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  • So mrs.conn...  what have you decided?  We're dying to know.  PLEASE POST FOLLOWUP.
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