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Whatcha got going?  I seem to recall V has a laundry list of wonderful things.

Nothing too crazy here.  Saturday is tee ball and I'm still waiting to see if MIL and sFIL are coming for dinner after.  Sunday is church and making my mom's bday present.  She requested handprint stepping stones from the kids so that's what I'm doing.

Today I have a playdate in the park.  A few weeks ago I started these and it's slowly growing.  I wasn't planning one this week because I didn't know how I'd feel.  People were asking about them, then I got a lot of people tagging friends saying they needed to come because "I'm cool." I've never been a cool kid. 

Next week we start swim lessons.  I'm definitely behind the curve on this so I'm nervous. 



  • Tonight: DH is hoping for a half-ish day at work.  He's going to get home and tape off the kiddo's room and move all his stuff to the middle of the room.  Then we're heading to Lowe's to spend lots of money.  ;)  Pizza, beer, and painting/home repairs for dinner. 

    Tomorrow: Move our excess furniture to storage and paint our bedroom.  Clean bathrooms, kitchen floor, and any other cleaning odds and ends.

    Sunday: Looking at houses, maybe a few more things around the house, and then we're going to dinner and to see Book of Mormon with my sister and BIL. 
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    I'm going to tuck in here that my picky 6let actually ate a black bean burger for dinner last night.  I think I can now move him into the "formerly picky" category.  I'm still trying to convince M2 to try things.  Last night I got her to eat a tater tot and she liked it.  I figure if I can gain her trust she might try more things.
  • Tonight we've got shopping to do to prep for vacation.

    Saturday and Sunday we have a baseball tournament.

    Monday we leave for vacation.

    Poor Son.  The league championship game got rained out last night and rescheduled for Monday.  The kid has worked his ass off (and is the best on the team, not that it matters) and helped his team go undefeated (undefeated!!!!) all season and can't play in the championship.  He's bummed.  I shed a tear in the shower for him last night.  I feel terrible.

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    Awww, man that does suck Taw.  I can't even imagine.

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    Did you know yesterday was National Martini Day?  I was invited out with a friend/friendly acquaintance I used to work with, after we met up for lunch a couple of weeks ago.  I kind of wanted to go, but started doing the "DH would have to come home early to stay with the kids/I don't have anything to wear/I don't know anyone except the one who invited me" thing.  Which I knew was lame, so I made myself go.  DH came home early.  I went dressed in work clothes.  I met the people I didn't know before, and they were nice.  Made it home to find DD streaking down the hall getting ready for her bath, and in time to put DS to bed.  Also, the martinis were weak, which was fine by me because I'm still BFing, so 1) I didn't want to pump and dump, and 2) I haven't had more than half a glass of wine at a time since I got pregnant with DS, so an actual martini would probably knock me on my ass.

    6, we're going the opposite direction:  Wooz used to eat anything (at the age of two, she'd order salmon for dinner when we went out) and now she's in this stage where everything is suspect.  I envy you. 

    Tomorrow is her birthday party, even though she doesn't turn 5 for another week.  The first time we did friend parties (when she turned 3) I found out that with her birthday so close to July 4, a lot of people were out of town, so since then we've done it the weekend before instead of the one after.  It's at a cupcake place and it's kitten-themed.  This kid (and mom) I can't stand are coming, only because we didn't want to exclude anyone.  Kind of regretting that, even though I still think it was the right thing to do.

    My kid is growing up so fast.  We're registering her for kindergarten, she's started signing herself in on the computer at school, and last weekend at the Y pool, out of nowhere she decided she was ready to take the swim test to get a swim band so she can go on the water slides and swim without a grownup. 

    This summer is going to be nuts.  This weekend is DD's party, next week is DH's birthday, then DD's birthday (we're taking her to Atlanta to the Georgia Aquarium and the Fernbank Museum), July 4, then my dad and his wife are coming to visit, then we're taking a long weekend in the mountains, then we're moving, a couple of weeks after that we're going to the beach, and a couple of weeks after that, DD starts kindergarten.  And then it's Labor Day and summer is over.  It's going to be a fun one, though.
  • We need to clean this weekend. Really bad. We're losing stuff and even DH is wanting to do it. So we'll be doing that all weekend, see if we can leave a trip to the pool or zoo open for Sun afternoon to ensure we get stuff done.

    And I'm getting very pissy with DH's doctors that are tracking some low platelets. Not hospitalize low, but not where they should be. Overly cautious and it scares DH senseless (like write the epitaph senseless) and paranoid.

    It doesn't help that the only hematologists are oncologists. So they and their office staff treat cancer patients. All. Day. Long. This kind of vigilance is fabulous and needed if you are on clinical trial or pumped full of myelosuppressive chemotherapy and you know that check may be in the mail (and if it happens, it can be really bad). Not so warranted if you DONT HAVE CANCER, or even any plausible suspicion of it, or even a condition causing the low plt.
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    Oh Dharma, I hope they figure it out soon.
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    Ugh, Dharma, good luck with that.

    PRIDE, PRIDE, PRIDE, PRIDE!!!  I'm very excited about it and I'm super proud of my club for being a sponsor (even though there wasn't anyone to tell me no, it was a unanimous vote of yes) and we have cool schwag to give away and hopefully get more members and more publicity.  Sunday i'm going to sleep all day (probably not, probably clean the house).

    Last night was our board meeting trying to fix the bylaws.  I was very appreciative of the compliments i got for writing them.  But, more important and in awesome news, the board member who I struggled with the most and who is very good friends with the member who is a major thorn in my side, made an announcement last night about how much she appreciated all of my work, that I've been taking their suggestions and implementing them well and that I deserved all of the kudos for making the organization more streamlined and work better and for all of the event planning I had done that was getting more members in.  This was a BFD coming from this woman, so I was really happy and really appreciative of that, as well as feeling like I'd really accomplished something.  
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    Yaaaaayyy! Flags for V.  I was just watching something that Columbus pride is the second largest in the Midwest (to Chicago).  George T. will be here this year.
  • That's really cool, 6 b/c Chicago is huge!  

    I'm extraordinary proud of our little city's Pride, b/c our grand marshal is a openly transgender female who used to be a Navy SEAL.  The organization is really trying to be inclusive and it makes me happy.

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