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Bachelorette party was last night

I had a great girls night last night. My best friend and my two sisters came over to my house, and they decorated. That reminds me I need to take the balloon penises off the wall. My big sister thought it was hilarious to make it look like they were coming out of the wall. I didn't know they were planning to do all that, but it was amusing. They also brought penis cake and other small snacks. 

We had a Passion Party consultant come by, and that was really fun. We had some awkward moments, especially when I was given lingerie by my sisters as a gift. We were shown lots of "romance enhancers" through the party. At one point, I was volunteered by others to be the sex swing demonstrator. While I was tied up, so to speak, my best friend got a picture. 

We ended the evening by going to dinner. It wasn't a crazy night, but I enjoyed it. I did do the driving since my best friend drank a little too much, but she wasn't falling over or anything. We were just being careful since she had 3 drinks and weighs as much as a tiny 13 yr old. I don't drink at all anyway. 

There's not much craziness, as I said. I just wanted to say it somewhere, and Facebook doesn't seem like the right place to gloat about a party that not everyone on my friends list was invited to. 

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