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How was the weekend?

Saturday morning we went to the awesome farmer's market.  MIL and sFIL came over the 6let's tee ball game and dinner.  I'll put the stupid story at the bottom, but it was actually a nice evening.

Sunday I spent cranky.  Just plain cranky.

Today I call for test results and take the kids to their first swim lessons.  While I want to know, I don't know if I want to deal when we need to be out the door 15 minutes after they open.

Stupid story:

A few weeks ago MIL and sFIL went to Memphis.  MIL posted something to facebook about two semis driving side by side and holding up traffic along the highway.  sFIL decided to pass on the berm and they were on their way.  Lots of comments about how unsafe it is, BIL posts "at what expense mom." and SIL gets on her high horse about being a trauma nurse and seeing all sorts of accidents and a long paragraph lecture.  (Sidenote, her hospital does not have a trauma unit.  I'm not sure how that works.)

MIL gets pissed and deletes her post and tells sFIL about it.  sFIL calls her a dumbass and tells her that he didn't in fact pass on the berm.  He was in the left lane, moved to the right, and passed the truck from the right lane.

MIL and sFIL were supposed to watch BIL and SIL's kids Saturday.  When they found out sFIL would be driving them to 6let's game they got indignant that sFIL wasn't a safe driver and wouldn't allow it.  The kids stayed with FIL instead.

SIL posted a double rainbow she saw while driving.  MIL posted to ask if that was safe. sFIL was all "I didn't want to watch them anyway."

For some reason the whole thing makes me laugh.

Re: Morning

  • Weekend was crazy.  And I'm having a true Monday.  

    Friday was a Lowe's run for supplies.  The kiddo went to the movies.  DH and I spent all night moving stuff around and getting ready to paint.  

    Saturday, we spent the day painting and moving stuff to storage. 

    Sunday, house hunting and more cleaning. We went to dinner and to see Book of Mormon with my sister and BIL. 

    Today...I've lost my damn keys.  IDK where they are.  I'm praying they are in Tom's car or at my parent's house.  So I'm home with a toddler and a teenager.  Carpet cleaners should be here any time now.  I have to take the entire day off now due to not being able to take DefConn to day care.  I'm going to make the best of it and try to get some stuff done, but damn it if I'm not really effing pissed.  
  • Oh and house hunting went...crazy.  The yellow house is cute, but is going to be too much work and could end up being a money  pit.  The new house is sold.  And we didn't even get see the house that DH wanted to see because when my mom got there a little ahead of us, the owner told her that we didn't have an appointment (even though we did) and shut the door in her face.  We have a fresh list of properties, but we're probably not going to look seriously again until we have an offer on our house because it's probably going to take longer for the loan on our buyers to close than it will for the loan we're getting for the new house.  ::le sigh::  
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    6, I shouldn't laugh at family, but I'm finding that hilarious too.

    I think today is a day for loosing things.

    Friday I took Buffy to the docs, she needed them to say she's healthy for preschool.  Apparently the correct response to "3rd percentile for weight" isn't "YAY, she's still on the chart!".  (she's never going to be a bruiser kid, but, she's healthy enough)

    Officially I am going to the bachelorette party on the other side of the country, for baby sis--which means Buffy is probably NOT coming to the wedding.  Tradeoff for funds.

    My wallet is in the diaper bag.  Whoops.  I hope I don't need it today.

    I also forgot to put my meds in my med case.  Luckily, I plan in advance for me to be a dumbass and have a 1 day supply in the emergency drawer at work.
  • Morning. I'm not sure why I'm up so early, but I am.

    The weekend was fine. I'm trying to work out every day, let's see how that goes.

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    We went down to Atlanta for the weekend to visit one of my friends who is in town from England and staying with another friend. We got caught up in the clusterfuck that was Athfest so we had to listen to some pretty shitty music while we were eating, and we also had to watch two drunk people sloppily make out with each other while we were having dinner because they sat down right next to us and started eating face.

    Yesterday, on the way home, we went to the aquarium in Chattanooga and managed to be there at the perfect time to see like dive shows and owls. It was awesome.

    Today's my day off, and I'm leaving the house in about an hour to take our Setter, Zoë, to get her rank ass teeth cleaned. So gross. I don't know why Bellamy and Freya are able to keep their teeth cleaned but Zoë fails at it.

  • Weekend was cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. But, dammit, we got shit done :)

    As a reward (and to get out of the house), we went to Cheekwood to photosynthesize and let DD run around and play for a while. And that's exactly what she did. That and I helped her make some overdue Fathers Day cards and a "encourage and be loved" card for a cuz of mine that's in end stages of AIDS.
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    Tests results normal.  Blergh

    @dharmabunny I'm sorry about your cousin.

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    Weekend was Bachelorette party in MN, in a cabin.  It was tons of fun.  Very low key.

    We drank:
    -Multiple bottles of wine; my guess is probably 6-8
    -1 bottle of grapefruit vodka
    -Bottle of Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix
    -Bunches of Beer

    I passed out by 10:15 on Saturday.  PARTY ANIMAL!!!  In my defense, I was very tired and had a crazy and stressful week.  The best part is that the bride was happy, so that is all that mattered to me.
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    My keys have been located!  They fell out of my purse and were on the floorboards of DH's car.  DH's car is at work...of course.  So I still can't leave, but they're no longer lost.  That's OK.  Our house is being listed today, so there's plenty I can do around the house. 

    Also, the carpets are so fresh and clean.  They look awesome.  :) Money well spent for sure. 

    ETA:  The house is listed.  Where is that paper bag I can breathe into? 
  • Saturday was Pride.  I was there from about 10 am to 7 pm.  It was tons of fun, b/c I was hanging out with all of my group members and I like them.  I loved seeing the younger generation hitting on each other and having fun, and the older generation walking around holding hands.  

    Also, we nearly drove one of the horrible hate filled preacher/religious protesters to an apoplectic fit b/c we followed him around and surrounded him every time he stopped and were peacefully holding signs saying, "All You Need Is Love" and other positive sayings, while he was raging on about going to hell.  The group has somewhat of a truce with the preacher usually and I was honestly worried for his health.  He was in a long sleeved shirt, long pants, vest and tie and was screaming into his microphone.  He was red faced and veiny.  I'll have to find a pic.  He also hit DH twice and accused me of taking up his space.  

    Sunday was recovery and laundry.  I still have a bit of a sunburn, even though we were under a canopy 90% of the time.  It was hot.
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