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Silly things making me happy

- Swim lessons: 6let is doing incredibly well.  I wouldn't be surprised if he got it by the end of next week.  M2 is doing her best to talk the lifeguards into doing things for her.  It's hysterical to watch, but boy is she going to be a tough teen.

- Seeing people I know.  12 years in BFE and I barely ever ran into anyone.  There weren't even that many places to go!  Almost every day I run into someone.  At the park we ran into people that were on 6let's tee ball team last year.  When I got home there was a message "don't walk past the pool.  We're here and Peyton wants to play!" (I didn't have my phone on). 

- My New Year's Resolution's were to do things for me and not waste food.  I've started playdates and joined bunco and Bible study and a walking group. I've been described as cool.  I'm never described as cool. Our food waste is minimal.

- Cinnamon honey.  I got it at the farmer's market and it's the shit. 


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