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Uncle/Niece Dance Dilemma

My uncle will be walking me down and I intend to make him dance with me during the reception which will be a great feat itself but I need the right song. Everything I find is so mushy and dumb and would make the both of us roll our eyes. I just need a song that expresses that I am grateful and that I love him.
I don't want something that is eleventy billion years old and cheesy. We care about each other very much and he was more of a father figure in my life than my biological father but my uncle still lived far away and couldn't physically be there for me so this heavy laden songs dripping with mushy fuzzy whuzzies will not work. I want something genuine and heartfelt and I'm getting no where fast :(
Does anyone have any suggestions?

ALSO I'm mulling over letting my biological father have the opportunity to dance with me so I have the same problem trying to find a song for that but TIMES ONE HUNDRED.

Re: Uncle/Niece Dance Dilemma

  • Why don't you let your uncle offer some suggestions? You can look them up listen to them and go from there. I plan on asking my father for input on the song we dance to, since the mushy gushy stuff isn't our style either. 
  • I just need a song that expresses that I am grateful and that I love him.
    I think the fact of "the moment", along with your sincere hug and words, will do that for you, regardless of the song.  So - with that in mind, I suggest picking something with him in mind.  The fact that you KNOW him (likes, dislikes, preferences) will mean the world to him.  And when you say "I choose _________ , because I know how much you like ________ " it will be the sweet song/dance you are looking for.  .... even if it's "old" or "mushy"  .... or not!

    Here's an example - you know he likes The Rolling Stones?  So how about She's a Rainbow?  (I just attended a wedding with THE SWEETEST father/daughter dance to Under My Thumb by The Rolling Stones.  Obviously, NOT a new, or sweet traditional father/daughter song ... but SO perfect for THEM because they both loved it, and used to sing it together. )

    Your uncle likes The Beatles?  They are a tons of slow, mid tempo, and faster options.....

    Uncle likes Pittbull?  Do a fun dance to "Crazy" and tell your uncle you are grateful and love him.

    Just opening up the possibility to a non-traditional perfect moment for you.  Same for a moment with your dad ... which sounds like it could be the beginning of a new starting point for you two?  

    Good Luck!

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