Wedding Woes

Cheers to the freakin' weekend

Waiting on a response to our counter offer.   Talk about pins and needles. 

DH said he was hoping to bounce early from work today and maybe go do some drive-bys on houses. 

I have to work tomorrow, but DH may go out with my mom for showings.  We also may see if we can wait and do it Sunday morning. 

My mom's hired the kiddo to put door tags on my neighbor's doors to alert them to our open house on Sunday.  If we can get a deal done today, she's going to hire him to put fliers that say 'sold in 5 days' on people's mailboxes. She also may use him for other jobs this summer.  :) He's loving it. 

I'm off Weds and we're closed Fri.  I'm leaning toward burning a PTO day Thur.  I bet I could get some packing done. ;)

Re: Cheers to the freakin' weekend

  • 6fsn6fsn member
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    I'm so happy for the quick sell!

    Today we're loading up to go to my mom's to swim.  DH took the day off to stain the swing set.  Tonight I have Bunco.  Saturday morning I'm burning my AnnTaylor gift card from Christmas and my Sonic card from last July.  Who knows about Sunday.

  • Congrats on the house negotiations, conn.  I'm so glad things went so quickly for you.  I was dying yesterday at @6fsn description of the guy who refused to leave his house during showings.  What a weirdo.

    We're back from vacation.  We all had a wonderful time but we were happy to be home in our own beds last night.

    DH is off until Monday so we're just going to relax, get caught up on laundry and prepare for 7 days of baseball next week.

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    Tomorrow, we're going to a Corgi meetup in Lexington. We were gonna bring all three dogs, but I realized that I don't trust the Setter to behave herself, so we're just taking our Corg to the event. They want me to take a bunch of pictures, so I'm taking my camera and getting all kinds of pictures of the fluffiest butts and stumpiest stumps ever.

    Sunday, we're doing nothing. It will be nice. We've had a bunch of really, really busy weekends.

  • 0Face0Face member
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    Conn---*quick* vibes to you.  Whatever they may be.  I hope it all goes well.

    Weekend?  If the weather holds out, I'm going out with a friend tonight to see a band she's considering for her wedding next year.  Then hopefully I can make it to 12midnight to see H.

    Tomorrow?  Possibly picking up H's vehicle and then whatever else comes our way.

    I do need to spend more time de-hairing my house.  This year has been horrible for the shedding.
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    Tonight and tomorrow night, planning the potluck picnic on Sunday.  Last minute, but it'll get done.  Then, the glorious feeling of only one planned extra curricular activity in July.

    We also have to go get DH a camping backpack.  We only have 2 camping/hiking/adventure type stores in my town.  The one we like "Adventures" and the one we don't "Earth" (not their real names).  Adventures, for some absolutely insane reason, closes at 6 pm during the week.  It's also the store we prefer.  B/c Earth is for trust fund babies.  We usually don't like it, but went anyway.  The guy there kept trying to talk us into a 60L b/c "a 40-50L isn't enough for an overnight" blah, blah, blah. DH was pretty peeved by the time we left.  I was irritated too.  Ultra Light Backpacking is a thing, dude.  He even asked us, "Well,d o you know how much your tent weighs?"  Yes, less than 4 pounds, split between 2 people.  Additionally, I'd told him we were on a budget, so he shows us the $415 60L bag.  He couldn't have been farther away from our specifications.  I say something to DH re: my bag (Deuter Lite 40L) and that we should look over at Adventures tomorrow for a similar one.  He tries to talk us out of that.  No, no, no, no, no.  We won't be back.

    We'll go to Adventures on Saturday and get the size/brand/budget we want and be happy.
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    Bah.  V, I can't imagine how dumb that salesperson must've been to not read the non-verbal cues you were probably throwing their way.  Forcereals.

    I have no idea what kind of backpacks H and I have.  I do know I love his 511 stuff, but we also have something else, that's very military.  Surprised?
  • Shoot O-face, I wasn't even being non-verbal about it.  "I know you believe that a 60L is necessary, but we're not interested in carrying that much weight" is pretty straightforward.

    Hey, military stuff is awesome.  We did look at the surplus store at their bags, but just could find one that really fit DH right, adjustments or not.
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