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Not sure what to do with my wedding photographer?

So I met with a wedding photographer and he showed me a bunch of his samples(which looked really great). I also saw his website, and again it looked great. We felt comfortable with him, so my fiance and I said OK, we choose you to be our photographer. He made us sign a contract and pay 50% of the deposit up front. Included in the contract was him also doing our engagement shoot. The other day we did our engagement shoot, and only a few of the photos turned out well. There were many that were crooked......What should I do? I don't know if he'd give us the deposit back.

Re: Not sure what to do with my wedding photographer?

  • I would suggest that you speak with the photographer about your concerns with the engagement photos. It is very important that you feel good about them, because only then will you be 100% confident about wedding photos. And, this is also a good time to understand your photographer and have open communication with him. Talk to him. I am sure he will work things out with you. Good luck.
  • Were they crocked as a style choice or just slightly off? Crocked portraits are the norm. It makes the image more visually interesting, it can distort a height difference, fillet he frame better...lots of reasons they are done. If you don't like it I would ask for  reshoot, tell him what you like and don't like about the photos. See if he can get it right the second time, if not check your contract and see what your options are.

    Did you notice crocked photos when you reviewed his portfolio? Look at his other work and see if this is just his e-pic style. 
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