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POLL: Groom walking Mom's down the asile?

Please help me out with your input ~

I'm having an outdoor wedding with a judge this fall. I am planning on having my father and step-dad walk me down the aisle but I am trying to think of something special for my mother - since she is so important in my life. So here is my idea...

The usher would walk down the mother of the groom half way - and the groom would meet her (give her a flower) and seat her. Then he would grab another flower and repeat the process (meet my mother halfway, give her a flower and seat her). Then the groom would return to his spot and the bridesmaids would walk down the aisle.

Have you heard of this before or what are your thoughts/ideas? I need help!!


Re: POLL: Groom walking Mom's down the asile?

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    My mom is one of the most important people in my life. I asked her to walk my down the aisle but she said that I'm strong and independent and can walk by myself. She said that she would walk me down if I wanted. So to make sure I do, do something special for her I plan on giving a speech at the reception on how wonderful she is and then giving her a flower. I also am having a mother/daughter dance. 
    Hope that gives you some ideas!
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    At my cousin's wedding, during theceremony after they said their vows, she gave her mom and the grooms mom each a rose and hug while a song was playing.  I was also planning on doing this!
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