Photographer for Baraboo/Dells area that won't blow the budget

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Looking for recommendations for photographers for our wedding in June of 2015.  The ceremony is in Baraboo, and reception in Wisconsin Dells.  I did google searches of the local photographers, but they're all WAY more money than I planned on spending - The average starting price was $3,000 and I just can't justify spending that much on pictures. 

We are keeping our wedding super simple and just want to have an album of pictures after the wedding is done.  We don't need anything fancy, and would honestly love to trust a family member or friend with our pictures, but don't know anyone with the skills (well, my mom does photography and has done weddings before, but she'll have other stuff to do that day and isn't allowed to worry about pictures).

Any recommendations? We'd love to keep it around $1500, not picky about anything except they have to have experience with dim lighting as our ceremony venue is not super well lit (Al Ringling Theater in Baraboo). Hoping for someone local to that area so we don't have to pay a bunch for travel, but all the recommendations I find are for Milwaukee/Madison area.

Re: Photographer for Baraboo/Dells area that won't blow the budget

  • I don't know her current rates for local work (we had her for our wedding and my family hired her again for my sister's destination wedding), but you should contact Kathleen at Light Source Photography. I can't remember exactly where she is based out of, but I think it was Milwaukee. Phenomenal! Really. Great to work with and we loved our photos. Our wedding was just north of you near Adams county and we didn't have a travel fee since she stayed with close family in the area.
    Otherwise, in the area: Shoot the Moon out of Delafield and the McCartneys out of Wausau were our runner ups. They are really fantastic also. 
    Our ceremony was in a dim church and our officiant did not allow our photographers or guests to use any flash photography. I completely understand where you are coming from. Really neat ceremony choice!
  • When are you getting married? If it is in the winter check to see if they offer discounts. I would definitely recommend finding someone closer to Baraboo/Dells than Milwaukee because most will charge for distance travelled. Madison is more reasonable, its only a 30 minute drive.
  • Try Vibrance Photography. The lead photographer is Vince Padilla and he is located in Sun Prairie. You tell him what you feel comfortable paying, and he creates a customized package based around that. He can even include 2 photographers if that is something that you would like! He is a true artist and is very talented!
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