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Ivory bolero with a soft white dress??? is it too late?

I have been overseas for 3 years and just got back.  I just purchased my wedding dress with my wedding only 2 weeks away.  I needed a bolero jacket to complete the look.  The store had one jacket in my size that fit perfect and looked good but I noticed that it was ivory and my dress is soft white.  The sales associate told me it is better to mix the two colors and that is done all the time.  She also talked me into ivory shoes which I really wanted the white ones.  Am I crazy or is she right?  I can notice the different colors in the mirror.  Doesn't look bad but should it perfectly match?

Re: Ivory bolero with a soft white dress??? is it too late?

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    Unless the bolero is from the same fabric as the dress or from the same designer, there's a good chance it will be a little off anyway. So, if you don't think it looks bad, then go for it. As for the shoes, get whatever shoes you want. With a long dress no one sees them anyway.
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    Can you post a picture? 

    This is the kind of stuff I never notice. Someone posted a long time ago about an ivory dress and men's white shirt. That's what H and I had and it was totally no big deal.
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    It doesn't look bad but I do notice a slight difference.  I can't post a picture right now because my dress is in alterations.  Everyone says that the bride and groom's shades of white do not have to match.  But shouldn't the bride's stuff all match?  I think I am just going to have to go with confidence and attitude--what?  Don't you know what's "in"!  ;)

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    It really doesn't have to match. I'm sure the ivory lace on my veil won't match the ivory lace of my dress. Just gotta go with it. Because msuprincess is right, unless the fabrics are the exact same, even white won't match white. You're better off with a little contrast.

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