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speaking of shopping help--tell me what to buy for make-up :)

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This week, while I had days off, I went through my cabinet o' crap that resembles toiletries and make-up.
 (Also, it just occured to me that theknot has been making everything run into giant paragraphs. I shall be pissy if this post xcomes out as a wall-o-text)

I threw away old stuff and stuff I didn't love and promised myself I would buy non-crappy replacements for some of them. I'm getting elderly and no longer need to buy 'cheap' make-up--I shall buy stuff that isn't crap (although I admit that I am partial to not having to go to 7 stores. So if I can't get it at Rite-Aid, I'd kinda like to be able to order it online, because I hate public) You guys are generally speaking much smarter on this stuff than I am--and I've seen pictures so I know that you all are lovely. So if there is stuff I should love, let me know :)

 Stuff I dont need:
I have a mascara I love (Cover Girl Lash Exact in the purple tube).
I love the Jergens BBBody cream.
I have a foundation that I mix w/ a moisturiser I like for tinted moisturizer.
I have translucent powder that's adequate (but not stellar)
 I have *some* good make-up brushes. (which I washed, because I was being a clean person. And then had to re-wash because the cat steals them to cuddle with)

Stuff I would love recommendations on:
-My eyelash curler is awful--it's just cheap and pinchy. I don't use them all that often, but when I do, I want them to work and not be pinchy -I have no good concealer. Foundation, yes, but concealer, need.
-I don't do eyeliner (my own skills are lacking) and I've seen some light colored liners look awesome on people. I have no idea what it is I'm asking for info on though. (Obviously)
-I started using Covergirl Outlast lipstick before I got married. I still like some of it, but I would like some 'normal' lipstick. I apparently don't know crap about lipstick either-other than knowing brownish reds /wines look OK on me usually. And I've never really messed w/ lipliner--when I had cheap lipliners the results were awful, so I haven't bothered to try again w/ non crap lip liners.
-I've used primer once (target beauty box sample) but don't get the appeal--is it something I should care about?
 -I have a powder blush I like, but I know that I used to layer it over a liquid/gel blush and it worked better--but they quit making whatever the gel was. Suggestions?
-my eyeshadows are 'meh'. I have some that look good, but not amazing. -Is there something else I need? toss that in here too. I'm pale and haven't ever tried anything resembling bronzer or highlighter, which I was looking at online last night when I threw up my hands and said "I'll ask smart people".

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Re: speaking of shopping help--tell me what to buy for make-up :)

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    I order everything online from Sephora.

    I still love my Urban Decay eyeliners and shadows.  Usually around Christmas, UD will put out a sampler package that includes a bunch of different colors of eyeliners to play with.  Eyeshadows, I pretty much just live off the Naked palettes anymore and then a few other kits for more bold colors when I feel like it.

    I like using primer fro my face b/c the one I use helps keep the oil under control and helps me use less of my foundation, which is expensive.  I like using the primers for my eyeshadows b/c it helps the product stick longer, use less to get a saturated look, and (since I have a hooded lid), doesn't let the shadow settle into the creases.  I use the Smashbox Photo Finish for face and UD original for eyes.

    I'll look up my highlighter for you when I get home and edit it in.  I got it as a sample and I LOVE this stuff.  I use it under my eyes, on my brow bones, my cheekbones and the top of my lip: ETA: Girl Meets Pearl by Benefit

    My favorite lipsticks are the Clinique all day line (I think, it's the silver tube).  They are so soft and feel really moisturizing.  I did try a Makeup Forever lipstick and while it's super saturated and long lasting, they didn't seem as soft or moisturizing. And I probably have a dozen Sephora brand lip glosses.  They work great, not sticky, saturated color, and are decently priced.  ETA:  Long Last Soft Shine is the lipstick from Clinique.
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    Online from Sephora I can do (yay, not dragging a 3 year old on a makeup finding mission of "no, don't touch that")--and primers for eyeshadow make sense the eye crease is horrid for me.

    And the 'not moisturizing' thing is my beef w/ the 10 year old covergirl--so that sounds about perfect.
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    I am a primer newbie, but ELF has a $1 eye primer that seems to work pretty darn well.  My shadow does not get goopy/oily/where off.
  • I'm partial to Urban Decay for eyeshadow and eye primer, and Bare Minerals for everything else (except mascara - I use Maybelline). I like Peter Thomas Roth for skincare products. Bare Minerals makes some good starter sets:
  • What I find works really well for me with lipliners is to, not just outline my lips with them, but also fill in my lips with the pencil and then put my lipstick on top of that. It gives the definition, but without running the risk of my lipstick wearing away first and I'm left with this big, bright outline.
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    awesome. and a mineral set sounds like it's doable--and will last more than 30 days because hell if I"m getting up 10 minutes earlier in the AM for work people--as it is the clock goes off when the first number is still a 5. I've had mixed luck with elf stuff, but for the price it's always worth a try
  • Ditto Sephora.

    Ulta does carry MOST of higher end brands as well as drugstore brands and if you sign up for their rewards card and mailings, they'll usually have coupons and specials for the drugstore brands (they almost never have anything for the higher end brands though - but at least it's one stop shopping).  I still prefer Sephora though.

    My go-to brands are:
    Bare Minerals
    Too Faced (for eyeshadow primer only)
    NARS (only just starting to get into NARS)

    I'm on a Benefit kick.  I really recommend getting one of their little kits - it's like a gateway drug.  I started with the Sugarlicious cheek and lip kit and it grew from there.  Benetint is the one product I am never without.  I use it on lips and cheeks to build a foundation of color underneath so if everything else sort of fades away I'm still left with that.  I don't like super-pigmented blush and don't do contouring or anything like that, so I use their all-over powders as blush and just build them up to the level I like (I have Dandelion, Hervana, and Sugarbomb.  I love their lip glosses as well (not sticky at all), and I love their eyeshadows (very long lasting).  I have all of the "World Famous Neutrals" eyeshadow kits and love them (if you don't want to figure out what goes together).  Their BadGal mascara is good, I recently started using their Gimme Brow and really like it, and their highlighters are also very good and not overly shiny or pearlized.

    LOVE:  Moisturizers and serums (wonderful), eye de-puffer (can't live without), CC cream (sort of a moisturizer and foundation in one - a little more coverage than a tinted moisturizer, but less coverage than a full on foundation), and lipsticks and lipliners.  They do a very good job with their lipsticks.  I'm a little partial to their butter shine line.  Also, hands down my favorite everyday mascara ever (the Long-Wearing Lash Power - does not budge when wearing, but removes easily when washing your face...I know you said you have a mascara, but I LOVE this mascara).

    MEH:  Just started trying out their eyeshadows - so far they aren't quite as pigmented or long-wearing as I would like.

    Bare Minerals
    I pretty much universally love Bare Minerals, though I don't use it as much (I tend to go in phases with my make-up and am on a Benefit kick).  The nice part on the foundations is you can build it up for as little or as much coverage as you need.  Their bronzer is very nice and I love their pots of eyeshadow, but had a meh experience with their new pressed shadows in the compacts (again, not bad, but did not seem as pigmented or long-wearing). 

    LOVE:  Recently fell in love with their Opaque Rouge matte lipsticks (Icon is the perfect blue-toned red for a bold lip).  They are long lasting.  Their glosses are very nice, too.  I love my dim light Ambient Lighting finishing powder.  It seems like it wouldn't make a difference, but I do notice it - it's just a little something to sort of make everything seem flawless, like a filter on a camera.  At first I didn't think it really did anything, but the first day I decided to go minimal with just moisturizer, some mascara and a lip tint, I finished it off with the dim light powder and it really just made it look like I was a lot more polished than I actually was.

    MEH:  Skip their blushes - have a tendency to look chalky.

    I've only just made my first NARS purchase, but if you want pigmented blush, this is your brand.  I do have friends who use NARS for other make-up and they love the brand.

    Also, I've actually really been liking the eyeshadow and lip glosses from Almay (I know it's a drugstore brand).  The eyeshadow kits built for certain eye colors actually look really good and the eyeshadow lasts a long time.  The lip glosses are not sticky at all.  And for gel blush, I know Smashbox O-Glow is really popular (I tried it a long time ago and remember liking it, but it was so long ago that I can't recommend it myself - I'm considering trying it again).  Some people also like the Tarte cheek stain.  I've tried it, liked it, but don't reach for it much at all.
  • One thing re: the eyeshadow primers: if you have normal to oily skin, UD or Too Faced is fine.  If you have dry skin, you need to use the Smashbox eyeshadow primer.  I had a friend break out in a rash when trying the UD, then the Too Faced.  She had told the Sephora clerk what happened and they shared the oily vs. dry fact with her.  She was successful w/the Smashbox.
  • I just want to add, the Tarte blush in Exposed is ALMOST my favorite beauty item of all time, next to Make Up For Ever mascara.. oh man.  Highly recommended!
  • I'm a Mary Kay person myself. And you can total buy online after figuring out which products you like and everything, and their consultants make home visits if you want to try new products..  I use them for my face wash and stuff but they have everything under the sun and often you can customize it for your skin type ie: Dry/ normal skin and Oily/ Combination skin.

    A bunch of their stuff is mineral powders, but they also do liquids for things like foundation, or creams for eye shadow.  BTW if you pay for a tube or a compact or whatever and it's like $12 (which some people say is expensive) that's because the shit lasts forever.  Their makeup is designed for you to use small amounts of and get freaking awesome results.


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  • I LOVE Urban Decay's eyeliners. They are also perfect for someone "new" to eyeliner. They are easy to apply and you don't have to worry about getting a perfect line. Plus, they stay put all day and have fun colors. My favorite is "rockstar"!

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    I know that E.L.F. is super cheap and crappy, but I personally love their eyeshadow palates. It's a good price if you just want to randomly wear colors that you might hate and never wear again, or if you want to play with different shadow colors. It's very pigmented and stays on all day.

    I shamelessly use super cheap makeup. Some makeup I can tell when there is a difference in price, and others I can't. Eyeshadow is one of those things that I can't tell if it's 40 bucks or 3.

    I really like maybelline everything and I love cliniques lotions and masks.
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  •  My favorite is "rockstar"!
    Mine too.  I love that freaking color.
  • Haven't tried UD's eyeliners!!  I love their shadow.. but I've been looking for a good eyeliner in like a navy color so I was thinking of trying them next.
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    Y'all are the bestest :)

    I now have shopping carts full on websites and I'm going through and deleting things to get me back in (or at least reasonably close to) budget.  
  • Mary Kay would be the way to go definitely! You can search your zip code on their website to find an independent beauty consultant in your area, and they'd be able to help you chose all the right colors/products for your skin tone/type. Having someone with their expertise and training would help make the search for your makeup needs way less stressful :)
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    I avoid Mary Kay because I'm reguarly allergic to their stuff (at least 3 or 4 times)--works great for lots of people, but everyplace their blush touches my cheeks = hive.

    For some reason I am unconvinced that hives make good blush.  However it DOES plump my lips up nicely ;)
  • I use Physician's Formula's Eye Booster Eyeliner in Ultra Black.  It's very precise, doesn't budge and it is essentially goof proof.  I am clumsy with eyeliner and this products is really awesome when I am tired in the mornings.  Not sure about the lash serum claim it has on the box but the liner itself is amazeballs.

    I just have an Ardene lash curler so I'm not sure if I can help ya there, lol.

    Milani's blushes are really great.  "Luminoso" is gorgeous and very flattering.  People keep comparing it to NARS Orgasm, but I do not own that one so I can't verify.

    I love MAC's lipsticks for the most part and their pigments last forever.  "Old Gold" is an amazing pigment.

    Rimmel makes very good lipsticks.  I recommend their Kate Moss line.  I have a red from that line that is seriously only one swipe and does not feather or bleed.  I believe it is made of angles and miracles.

    As far as palettes go, I have Kat Von D's Lady Bird palette, which has some of the best matte shades I have ever used (not a shimmer in the bunch!  So hard to find a completely matte palette...) and Urban Decay's Naked3.  I also bought one of Sleek's palette's online and I love it.

    I know you said we were over cheap makeup, OP, but Wet n Wild has some seriously great products.  Their "Comfort Zone" 6 pan palette  is really good for neutrals!  I used it exclusively until I discovered Naked3

    Essensce makes awesome eyeliner and lip gloss products.  I am not sure if they are available in the USA though :(  They are a drugstore brand in Canada.  They have a USA Tumblr so maybe they carry it.  
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