Wedding Woes

Today has to be less annoying than yesterday, right?

Nothing major yesterday, but all the little things left me annoyed- 15 minutes to check out with 2 items, reorganizing a van to get a bike in, moving carseats, 2 potty accidents, massive sidewalk chalk mess (like needing bath for 3 massive), insurance issues ($548 bill instead of $26!), dryer broken, DH not home.

I need to snap out of it this am or it's going to be a miserable day with the ILs. 

Re: Today has to be less annoying than yesterday, right?


    The sellers countered.  They accepted all of our conditions except for the price.  They wanted a decent amount more than we offered (but below asking) and after a lot of research and conversation, we decided to accept.  We want the house and all in all, it's a fair deal.  As long as there's no major issues, we have a new place to call home.  ;) 

    Now I need to set up inspections, daycare, internet/cable/phone.  And start packing.  When will it end?  Ha. 
  • Ugh, 6.  That is an annoying day.

    YAY, CONN!!!!

    Two of the three kids are home.  Son left with my mom and others for the Dells early this morning.

    DH is working today, even though it's his only day off.  He should still be home soon, I'm guessing around 9ish.

    A swimming pool I ordered is supposed to be here today, but it's a bit chilly so we probably won't get to try it out.  I might take the girls to a new-to-them park.
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    DH is on his way home- 12 hrs early. He may be able to actually join us.

  • When will it end?  Ha. 
    When you find out, please let me know.  We're still surrounded by boxes.

    Andplusalso, congratulations!
  • Boo 6 on the annoyances.  I hope today is better.  If not, there's always drinking. ;)
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    CONN!  That's !!!1! worthy.  :)  I don't envy you, we're at the veryveryvery front end of something like you're experiencing.  We're at the 1.  visit banker  2.  get a to-do list for home improvement stage so that we're ready buy at a drop of a hat, but also ready to get our house listed too.  Met with realtor again last night, and will again in a week or two to check up.  She's awesome, btw.  A real go-getter with a great attitude but no bs at the same time.  LOVE her.

    H was sleep deprived and hungry last night which meant a total melt down.  You'd think I was dealing with a toddler.  He told me at one point he wanted me to "drop him off in the middle of the interstate to get run over".  Yeah,  I said he was ridiculous, climbed out of the car and bought us burritos.  Also, Chipotle---you run out of burritos on the 3rd day you're open? FAIL, MASSSIVE FAIL.  *stinkface*
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