Hey again Ladies-
Anyone know a good (And not ridiculously expensive videographer??)

Anyone done business with Urban Sense for flowers??

Anyone worked with Olga Thomas for photography? We are using her, and I love the stuff I have seen, and her prices are great...but just curious.

Thanks again...it is always so nice to hear others opinions.

Re: Videographer....Florist....Photographer...

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    use petals for flowers.  A friend of mine used her and had nothing but good things to say.  I'm using her as well and so far have nothing but good things to say. 
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    I just picked up a brochure for Fink Studios at the bridal show 2 weeks ago.  Not sure about pricing or whatnot, but check them out!


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    I met with Urban Sense and really liked them--but ended up going with The Flower Lady in Wauwatosa b/c her style and my style just clicked a bit better. 

    My fiance's sister used Urban Sense for her Wedding a few years back and had nothing but great things to say about them.  Her flowers were very pretty and she said that Dan was great to work with.  He worked with her smaller flower budget and went above and beyond what she had expected.

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    I'm using Red Letter Weddings for our Videographer...less than $1000 for 8 hours.  For flowers, I'm using a small florist from my hometown, West Bend.  I was expecting an extremely high quote since I will be having A LOT of orchids, but it turned out to be 1/2 the cost I was expecting.  I'm doing my own silk centerpieces, so I'm also saving money that way.  Her name is Tracey and her business is called "Special T Flowers".  She's pretty small so I don't think she has a website.
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    You can try Moonstruck Media Productions, LLC. www.moonstruckmp.com (that's who i'm using). They are having some wedding specials right now. The thing you have to remember with Video (as well as photography), is that you will pay for what you get. So if you just want someone taping the wedding, you can always call MATC or any local college to see if a student will do it for a cheap price. Samething goes for Photographers. Students are always are looking for ways to build their portfolio.

    Hope that helps!
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    There are soooo many vendors posing as brides recommending themselves in these forums, you would be insane to trust them. Your best bet, is to check out the vendors listed by the knot.
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