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Time to find buffy's spare glasses

In the eternal battle of sole of child foot and glasses, foot always wins.  She took them off for naptime and they are now in pieces.

But no room to complain, this pair is almost 2 years old--and we had just discussed them looking a bit worn, and needing new ones when she gets her eyes re-checked in September.

(what's annoying is that we *have* spare glasses, just no idea where we put them)

Re: Time to find buffy's spare glasses

  • Poor Buffy.  And you.

    My BFF and I were just talking about when her oldest was roughly Buffy's age, and she was just as careless as most kids that age.  So when she started school, BFF drilled into her "Glasses are either on your face or in their case."  BFF went to pick her up at school, Daughter (who is a great kid but tends to be a little intense, like the Woozle, which is how we got to discussing this) dropped her glasses and immediately started crying and saying things like "I'm sorry, Mommy, I didn't mean to, please don't be mad!"  She said the teacher looked at her like she was Mommy Dearest.

    So, you know, at least it's not that bad.  :)
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    We DID find the spares, finally, after she went to bed last night (they were in the drawer in the office for important stuff. Of course). And she's pretty unphased, she told me "Momma, while I was sleeping last yesterday at school, someone STEPPED.ON.MY.GLASSES. And they broke. So on the next tomorrow, I'll have to wear my pink glasses" I understand grilling that info into her, these suckers are expensive and fragile! (and the 'mommy dearest' look when kids are mini momentary drama llamas)--I am the keeper of the $50 clip ons for her glasses, they are either on or with ME, period. (and they don't fit the spare glasses well, boo)
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