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I just started planning and am starting to get into looking at venues.  One venue, in particular, that caught my eye is Cuvee in Milwaukee.  I really love the brick walls and overall modern atmosphere.  However, the venue is long an narrow.  I'm having trouble finding other venues with the same "feel" that would be larger in size.  Any ideas?


Re: Trendy/"Upscale" Venue Ideas

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    Have you checked out the Renaissance Place? My BIL had his wedding there and it was beautiful! They have a great list of caterers as well. We are having out reception @ Cuvee (120 ppl). How many people are you planning?

    I have heard about some people renting out night clubs for their wedding too. The 3rd Ward has a place called Soho 7. You might check into that too.

    Good Luck! :)
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    Hotel Metro might be nice, as well, but I'm not sure what their capacity is.
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    Yes capacity is key....
    Cuvee is GREAT. Went to a wedding there in Nov...and thought the same thing when my FI and I looked at it....too narrow(and it just wasn't going to hold our capacity) but the wedding I went to was FANTASTIC. Just make sure you rent the bar room too. EIsner which is "closing" I guess it is going to be something else...not sure what though..is really neat too...lofty cream city brick feel. Soho 7 and Moct are nighclubs in the 3rd ward that are worth checking out....

    Good Luck.
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    Scope out the Third and Fifth wards.  A lot of building owners are renting out their spaces.  Cuvee is great!  Check out the Iron Horse Hotel.  Lots of different areas and if you're able to do something rather than a traditional sit down dinner, there's even more options then.
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