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Finding an officiant for our ceremony


I figure there have to be other ladies out there with the same problem as me, so, here goes! 

I just moved to the state in which I will be getting married and I have not found a church yet. My fiance and I want a religious ceremony, but we are not sure how to find a pastor if we aren't a part of any specific congregation. Any suggestions?

Re: Finding an officiant for our ceremony

  • Try your local board, they'll be able to recommend people in your area.

    In the upper right there is a drop down to choose another board, local boards are an option, and then you can find one for your area.
  • Try Universalist Unitarian or United Methodist. We are different denominations of Christians and they were willing to put together a beautiful ceremony.
  • When are you getting married? If you have a few months, visit a few churches in your area and see if one jumps out at you

    You could also even try googling for officiants in your area. Do you have a specific denomination in mind?
  • Did you grow up in a certain kind of church? If so, start there. 

    If not, contact several different types of churches and ask some basic questions. Most have event coordinators that will be able to easily answer this. Start with non-denominational churches, Methodist, Presbyterian... when we were looking at ceremony venues, they were all willing to marry us. 

  • What is your religious background?  Some denominations are more open to marrying non-members than others.
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