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And Its Only Wednesday... (NWR Vent)

This has been a hell of a week. First we had FMIL drama. (FI is the first to leave the nest, and FMIL is in that state of no woman will ever be good enough for my boy.)

Then Sunday started with chest pains, which my regular doc dismissed as the heat and dehydration. Tuesday it gets worse, and I end upgoing to the ER to find that I had I had an embolism that luckily for me stopped I my left arm. So at 23 (eating healthy and jogging daily) I now get to start a daily regimin of Bayer asprin. Granted I am very grateful it wasn't more serious. But definitely an eye opening experience!

So after the whole embolism shock, I took off work today and just relaxed with FI. It was great until we went to the park to let FI's pup play. A seemingly friendly bulldog comes over and plays nicely for a bit. Then when I come over and bend down to leash our dog, the bulldog just snaps and bites my face. I'm not really upset with the dog, I probably just startled him while they were playing, and he acted very very sorry after. But now I get to go into work tomorrow with a bloody / black eye for a big presentation with our district management. I look like I was on the losing end of a bar fight. Lol

So here is to hoping that the last half of the week starts looking up!

Re: And Its Only Wednesday... (NWR Vent)

  • Ugh, that all sounds terrible. And an embolism, that's so scary! Did they tell you why it happened? I think it's time to sit down and watch your favorite movie with some wine (unless you're on painkillers for the bite/meds for the heart). Also, icing your face will help with the swelling, if you aren't doing that already. Hope you feel better!

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