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Our wedding will start at 5:00pm on May 8th. Should we take photos before or after the ceremony (which will probably about half hour)?

We will have a one hour cocktail hour when guests enjoy drinks and hors d'oeuvres. If we take photos before the ceremony, then what should we do during this one hour? I know this question may be silly, but just wated to know your suggestions.

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Re: Picture and cocktail hour

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    enjoy your cocktail hour with your guests :o)
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    Take your pictures earlier. Enjoy the cocktail hour with your guests as PP suggested. Mingle, greet people, thank them for joining you on your big day, enjoy.
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    I would definitely do pictures before the ceremony.  Best light for photographers is mid-afternoon, unless you want a "dusky" look to your photos.
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    Do pictures before the cermony. If you have the limo taking you from the ceremony to the reception, why not take a longer limo ride around town with your wedding party? Or, as everyone else suggested, enjoy the cocktail hour with your guests. :)
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    ditto on visitng with your guests.  We did cocktail hour with our 100 guests and I still didn't feel like I got to visit with everyone. 
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