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Beautiful strapless Cream Colored Wedding gown for sale to best offer!


This dress is not cursed, it was not used in a failed marriage, and I'll give you the cliff notes so that you can feel certain that you would not be wearing a dress that is bad luck. you can skip the story if you don't care :)

I purchased the dress soon after getting engaged with my boyfriend of 7 years. Then before our wedding date came, I had to have a hysterectomy that would leave me still recovering at the time of our planned wedding so we postponed until the next fall. Now our wedding was supposed to be in October, but my father has been very ill (was on life support 2 separate occasions in the past 3 months) and I am his caretaker. Him being in the hospital so long and all of the stuff we went through kinda wiped out our wedding funds... We decided to still get married in a small ceremony in our back yard so that it's something my dad can be a part of that will not leave him exhausted or ending up in the hospital. Anyway, the dress is lovely, just too fancy to wear for a backyard, tiny get together.

The dress info:
This beautiful cream colored wedding dress is perfect for a size 14-16 woman, but could probably fit someone a size bigger or smaller because it laces up the back. The official size is 20 but I'm a 16 in normal dresses. It was purchased at the Circle Park Bridal Boutique in Addison for $700 on a clearance because one of the loops was popped in the back (which a tailor would be able to fix in no time) All it needs is that loop fixed and to be steamed to get the wrinkles out from being in the coverall bag for so long.

I paid $700, and I wouldn't expect to get the same amount that I paid for it but it has never been worn other than being tried on, and I would like to make some of my money back. Please don't send offers like $50 but if you have a legitimate offer feel free to call or text. I would be fine with you trying it on first, but we would need to pick a place to meet where you could try it on.
PM Me if interested

Thank you for reading!

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