Portland downtown venue suggestions

I just got engaged this past weekend (yay!) and am already stressed about finding a venue. I know it is soon, but I would like to have the wedding in august. My fiance is pretty opinionated on what he would like the place to be like. We are looking for a church/hotel wedding or simply an all-in-one hotel wedding. He would like to be in walking distance to everything. So, if we did a venue outside of a hotel it would need to be close to one. Other than that, we are pretty easy. Hopefully somewhere downtown.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Re: Portland downtown venue suggestions

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    We were originally going to go with a downtown hotel until we saw their open bar/beverage pricing.  It was outrageous!  We ended up going with the Crown Ballroom on 9th and Yamhill downtown for our wedding on 09/04/09. 

    I can't say enough about the place.  Great location, close to everything and the owner/coordinator, Raven is there to make sure everything goes according to plan (at no extra charge!).  We stayed at the Nines and walked to and from the venue with no problems.  You can do the wedding and reception there.  Our main focus was on food and having an open bar.  The food and drinks were exceptional.  The bartender was great.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions or want to see any pics. 
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    We're doing an all in one wedding/reception at the Embassy
    Suites downtown.  It's gorgeous.  Wedding in the fireside room and reception in the Queen Marie Ballroom.  It's a great location on Pine St plus easy parking and lodging situation.  We also have friend that's getting married in December at the Benson, they have several room options.  Before deciding on ours we look at the Treasury...super pretty but not 2 seperate spaces, but they can do it all in the same area w/ a turnover.  We also looked at Crown Ballroom, very pretty.  And the Governor hotel was a very close 2nd.  The Nines hotel has some great rooms too, they are more modern and trendy than the older hotels, depends on what kind of vibe you're looking for.

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    my fiancee and i are getting married this coming june and we booked the crown ballroom and are absolutely in love with it....it is beautiful and is a great location. right in downtown...easy to get to....and smart park literally right across the street! their prices are also very nice too! 
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    I am having my reception at Hotel deLuxe ... you could easily hold your ceremony there as well. It's beautiful in an old-hollywood style, and I thought their prices were reasonable and the food is wonderful. Not right downtown ... but maybe worth checking out.
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    We are having our ceremony at The Old Church on 11th and Clay.  Reception dinner and overnight stay will be at the Governor Hotel- 8 blocks away and on the streetcar line as well.  The Old Church does give you the option of having the reception there as well.  It is absolutely beautiful as well as VERY budget friendly!
    Hope this helps!

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    check out the West End Theater (www.powersoregon.com) they are located in sw portland off of 12th and taylor. you can do both the ceremony and reception there, and they have some great specials going on! my friend got married there and it was beautiful. they dont have any set times you have to be out and you can use any caterer you want! awesome venue :)
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