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Hi, I am trying to find more information about any premarital counseling/workshops that are offered around the Milwaukee area. I have tried several different searches and it just pulls up therapists, what we are looking for is something more in a group setting where we don't have the 1:1 with a therapist and talk about any issues, but rather a setting where the therapist gives us tools that we can use in our relationship. (I know that the Catholic Diocese offers something like that, but since I am not a practicing Catholic and neither is my fiance, I'm not sure how they'd feel about me attending) Has anyone attended anything similar to this? If so how did you find it?

Re: Premarital Counseling/workshops

  • I am not positive this will be exactly what you are looking for, but when we were looking for officiants, we met with David Gawlik (http://www.dgawlik.com) and he had resource guides for relationships and mentioned he conducts sessions at his office, etc.  If he doesn't offer what you are looking for, he may be a good resource to suggest other contacts.  
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