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I am drawing a BLANK!!

So I think I found some songs for the prelude and recessional, but I am drawing a blank and am having the HARDEST time trying to find some for the processional. Not to mention, I REALLY want to throw some Luke Bryan somewhere in there, but I don't know where!! ;) Please help me think of some ideas. Wedding is creeping up :O

Re: I am drawing a BLANK!!

  • o wait no, i figured out the processional...not the recessional...whichever one where everyone sits down. Whoopsie 
  • @LindseyF528 Can you share with us what you've already decided on? Then, maybe we can fill in the blanks. To be clear - Prelude music would be from the time guests start arriving until the ceremony begins. Processional is for the wedding party/bride to enter the ceremony Recessional is after you've been pronounced married!
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