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Wedding postponed, need to unload-Half Price at the Intercontinental Boston!

50% Off Intercontinental Hotel Banquet/Party/Function or Wedding
This is a credit at Boston's InterContinental Hotel located on the water at 510 Atlantic Ave.

The credit is for  $10,000 with Banquet & Services and you'll only have to pay for half of it.$5,000.

Imagine a nice extravagant party in one of Boston's nicest hotels and its for half the price.. You will have your own private hall with waiters & servers just for your party.

The credit was originally for a wedding that is no longer going to happen in March and the hotel won't let me transfer the credit. Im selling my credit for half the price and you can use it for a fuction/ party/ event or fundraiser. The event must be held by the end of March 2011. Sorry but they are not allowing the credit to be used after March ends (2011).

You could hold a function with appetizers ( 8-9 pieces per person)  and drinks (2 glasses of wine per person)  for approximately 100 to 125 people..

Or you could hold a full five course meal for about 50-60 people ( depending on what dishes you select)

Please email me and i can forward you a list of their menu selection. This will show you their amazing food selection and give you an idea of how many people you can host according to the price.

If you choose to exceed $10,000 that will have to be paid by you prior to the event.

The $10,000 credit is being sold for $5,000 only.

Thanks, great deal, hope somebody gets to use it!
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