Double Tree Pittsburgh Airport

Hello! I was wondering if anyone has used the Double Tree in Moon Twp for their reception and used the smaller ballroom (Redwood Ballroom, holds 120 guests)? We are having our reception there in October. We originally were going to go with the largest ballroom, but it would have cost us around $20,000 just for the reception and that is our entire wedding budget, so we ended up going with the smaller ballroom. I would just like to hear about your experience there if you've used this smaller ballroom. My concern is that because we are in the smaller ballroom, we may get swept under the rug while the staff tends to the wedding in the larger ballroom. I may just be paranoid and worrying over nothing, but I just want everything to be perfect as we are still spending a significant amount of money (between 10 and 12 thousand) on this reception. So if any of you can tell me about your experiences, that would be great! Thanks! 

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