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Good Vibes for DH please!

Hi Ladies,

I've been lurking while work's been crazy, and thinking of y'all. I'm requesting some good vibes for DH today- he has a job interview!

This is really a good thing for him. He's been able to not work and focus on school full time for a little more than a year now (graduated with high honors from his undergrad business program and got several graduate courses for an MS in project management under his belt), and I'm so proud of him.  However, being home pretty much all the time has taken its toll, and he's a little stir crazy.

We agreed when his GI bill ran out, he'd switched to part time grad school and look for full time work.  Todays interview is the first position he's applied for- it is a stepping stone for him should he choose to stay with this place long term.

What makes it extra awesome is it is government work, like mine, and is 2 buildings away. We will be able to carpool, visit/go for a walk during lunch, and save money while spending time together!

I'm super excited for him (one of our cats expressed her excitement by puking on the floor), and I'm praying all goes well for him. Any extra good vibes can't hurt. Thanks ladies!

Re: Good Vibes for DH please!

  • Yay!!  Sending tons of good vibes, prayers, and positivity your way!  It sounds like it's been a bit of a rough year for y'all, so hopefully this will be a much-needed dose of positivity and moving forward in your lives!  (Especially for him--how is he doing by the way?)

  • Sending all good woowoos your way! Sounds like the perfect job for the both of you :)
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  • Sending good vibes! I find interviews to be very stressful, so I'm hoping it goes very smoothly.
  • All the good vibes headed your DH's way!  GOOD LUCK!!
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  • Sending all my positive thoughts your way!

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  • I got some good woowoos going for y'all!

    I'm the fuck

  • Sending him many lucky vibes!


  • Sending vibes of Awesomeness your way.  I hope it all goes well.  


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  • Yay! Sounds like an excellent opportunity for the both of you!  I certainly hope he gets it.  
  • Sending ALL the good vibes!
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  • Sending good vibes your direction!
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  • Hope it went great!!
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    Thanks ladies! The interview went great, they spoke to him for around an hour. Afterwards he sent the interviewer a copy of a presentation he did some months ago (application system would not let him do it at first but she gave him jer email address for it) and then wrote and sent a thank you note.

    He won't hear for a few weeks but we're optimistic and he's doing more applications.

    He's doing ok....generally pretty good most days but he's been having trouble sleeping. Pretty sure its a certain level of depression and anxiety following all the stress this year, the loss of bil and blow up with his folks (still not talking to them despite gentle suggestions by me to reach out to his dad). We've consulted a physician we trust, dh is going on a short run of meds to help him sleep and otherwise have the energy/interest to do other activities- not a "snap out of it" kind of thing more of a "here's a boost that you need, and lets work out a therapy/counseling schedule for you to help you work out better methods of coping and having a better outlook on life in general. "

    Will keep you ladies posted regarding the job!!
  • Update: dh got a call for a second interview to take place tomorrow! Two interviews in a week are virtually unheard of in govt positions so im hoping this is a great sign. Yay!

    Also our princess cat who appears in the animal thread expressed her excitement at daddy's interview by puking on the carpet. Twice. And deliberately ignored/moved away from the paper towel dh tried to get down during her initial hucking.
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