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Our Engagement - Wedding Ceremony March 2015

We met in Phoenix Arizona in 2009. We were both in education at the time and I had undergone an emergency surgery after finding out that I had a tumor that was 10 inches in diameter and 10 lbs. I was devastated because I lost the ability to have children as a result of the surgery. However at that time as our friendship grew so did our love and our family as Sandy had already had two young children. I organized a surprise proposal to my partner of now 5 years in march of 2014 in Scottsdale Arizona on a weekend get away that included about 50 of our friends and family. At the time not really believing that we would be able to have a marriage that was recognized by the state we live in. However, we began planning a nice ceremony with our family and friends. Then on June 26th of 2014 my partner and I took the opportunity to get married o when the state of Indiana officially legalized same sex marriage for the first time a the courthouse. We were thrilled to find out that Indiana followed through and our marriage stands and Arizona has just recently passed the same sex marriage law. Our ceremony in Arizona next march will be even more special and dear to us. We have two beautiful boys, Thomas 7 and Aiden 6 who we love and adore. In light of the knot gay weddings I wanted to share a brief spotlight of our story with you. Attached is the video of our proposal, and pictures of our wonderful family. We will be tying the knot at and incredible venue is scottsdale Arizona, The Clayton on the Park. The proposal: I talked Sandy into a weekend get away to Phoenix for a late valentines day and early anniversary. That would be the perfect decoy to plan the proposal around. I organized some shirts to be made for our family and friends who flew into AZ. Some who lived there help me with logistics. I asked Sandy if we could plan a hike and invite a few friends because here in plymouth we don't get the weather or the beautiful mountain tops to do so anymore. So she invited a few friends. They had already been prompted by me to respectfully decline but hopefully catch up later in the weekend or that night for dinner. I had a some friends keep her busy while I met with all the friends and family who came together at the base of the mountain to start hiking up ahead of us. They left with roses in their had and made their way of the mountain with many stopped along the way. Our parents and closet friends made their way all the way to the top of the mountain with a large banner to wait for our arrival. As we made our way up we kept running into each of the members of the hike who gave Sandy a flower and said either happy anniversary or happy valentines day to throw her off. Then they joined us on our journey to the top of the mountain and our group grew larger and larger. When we got to the top both of our mothers , mine flew in from Las Vegas and hers in from Indiana were at the Top of the mountain. It was their first time spending time together. I proposed to her at the top of the mountain while they held a banner that had a picture I had taken of our two boys back in indiana that said "will you marry me?" Because they could not travel with us this trip I wanted to have them in spirit at the top of the mountain. They helped me pick out the ring prior.

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