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16 years he's put up with this drama llama

Dear Prudie,

My husband of 16 years and I carpool to work two or three times a week. Most days we have lunch together. On his birthday a couple of weeks ago, we rode to work as usual but didn’t have lunch together as he was going out with friends. After work I waited for him to arrive to pick me up and he didn’t come. I called twice, no answer, so I texted him. He finally texted back saying he was on autopilot and since we didn’t have lunch together, he wasn’t thinking about having to pick me up. He turned around and got me 40 minutes late. I’m devastated. How do I tell him after the fact that my feelings have been crushed? He’s gone about his business like it’s no big deal, but I can’t get over it. Am I overreacting? Or do I just move on, knowing that if I decide to carpool with him again I need to remind him he has a wife to pick up? 

—Tire Tracks on My Heart

Re: 16 years he's put up with this drama llama

  • My parents did this over 10 years ago. After my high school graduation, they left me there and didn't take me home. This was obviously pre cell phone era so I had to find some change, then find a payphone, then call my mom's pager, and then have her call me back on the payphone. I was hurt. I was embarrassed. But I did get over it and now I have a great story to make fun of them with.
  • If this was every day, I'd get it.

    But I've forgotten to pick up DH before and he's forgotten to pick me up.  It's annoying, but I wasn't embarrassed or hurt.  People make mistakes.
  • Seriously why is this a big deal? I've left people, I've been left. Mistakes happen
  • ^ exactly

    My mother left me at multiple stores when I was a teenager... I still tease her about it.  
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