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NWR Suprise Party Invite

Any good tips for wording? I've tried to google it but everything I found, all seems to rhyme  a bit too much for me.

Also, I know this sounds dumb but is there anything I should for sure, include or not include on the invite.

Basically, this is the first surprise party I've thrown and I've also never been to one, so help if you can in any way!!! haha!!

I have to pull off an amazing surprise party for the hubby. I can not fail when it comes to an event his family will be at. the pressure is for sure on!!!

Thanks ladies!!!

Re: NWR Suprise Party Invite

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    Biggest thing is to spell out that it's a surprise on the invitation. May seem obvious, but I've seen invites that didn't specify this so people RSVPed to the honoree that they couldn't make it. Whoops.

    Have the guests get there half hour before the guest of honor is scheduled to arrive, to ensure everyone is in place before he gets there. Bad etiquette for weddings, fine for surprise parties. 

    For wording, just go simple. "You're invited to a surprise party for _____'s __th birthday party!" date/time/location.

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    I'm so nervous about this so I appreciate the help!

    I'm trying to work the layout of the invitation now, which is totally not working with he design I had planned to use, but i'll keep working. I already have planned to write "'s a surprise!" on the envelope and Im trying to add it to this design but may have to give up the design.....

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    My mom, sister and brothers threw a surprise party for my dad.  Well brothers didn't do much.   As far as the invite we did it pretty simple for my dad.      The invite said something like "Shhh  It's a Surprise"  then had all the other info (party was at my parents house).

    It helped my dad was living in China at the time so mom could do things without his knowledge.  That said we set up a special email that all of us could access.  So when dad was in town the rest of us could take care of things.  My parents are pretty attached at the hip, so it was important to have one of us as a contact.

    I would try and get someone else to help for no other reason than having a place to ship things to or answer questions when you might not be able to because your DH is around.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
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    Thank you, so  much helpful advice!! awesome!!
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    Try looking on VistaPrint. They have special invitations that are for surprise bday parties that make it obvious it's a surprise. 

    Have fun planning the party!

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    I always would put something like this on surprised party invites (I LOVE throwing surprise parties for people)

    SSSHHH! It's a surprise!

    Join us in celebrating Jen's birthday!
    Date, time (please try to arrive promptly, as the birthday girl will be coming in at x time!)
    Contact number
    RSVP info
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    I'm struggling with how to word the time.

    We are planning for him to arrive at about 7pm, so should I just put something like

    "Please arrive promptly before 7pm"

    I can't word it any other way without it standing stupid lol

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    Is there any better way to word the rsvp line....

    I have: RSVP to Shanli by calling or texting xxx xxx xxxx

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