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Guys dream about their future weddings too

I was witness to a pretty adorable conversation the other day; one of my FI's groomsman was telling my FI who he would probably pick to be in his wedding party someday. He's currently single and has a very bachelor-for-life mindset, so it's just so sweet to hear that kind of stuff from him.

Then randomly my cousin was telling me at lunch today that he definitely plans to ask his older brother to be his BM, and then starting listing off his close friends who he would probably pick as groomsmen. He's single as far as I know, so where is this all coming from? Wedding fever must be in the air and I love it.
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Re: Guys dream about their future weddings too

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    That is adorable. I would bet there are guys out there with secret Pinterest pages... 
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    BF and I have talked about getting married and some details of the wedding. 

    What surprises me is the fact that he says that he 'hates weddings'. Yet - everyone we go to, BF gets mushy and tells me how happy he is with me and how he can't wait until its 'our day'. He will bring up things out of the blue -such as he wants a sweetheart table instead of a head table, and he has movie posters saved on his computer to use as our centerpieces. {Our plan is to use movie names as our table names (we will put numbers on too) and he is going to photoshop our faces onto the movie posters. . . he's pretty excited about this . . . }

    I think its adorable how excited about it he is - even though he gets annoyed with me watching TLC's Friday Bride Day . . . .every week . . . haha
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    It weirds me out that anyone on earth dreams about a wedding. When I hear phrases like

    "My dream day"
    "My big day"

    I want to puke. Like, do you have anything else to think about? I'm about 7 months away and I still don't think about my wedding. Like, ever. I'm on here for the boards, basically. 

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