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DH's Job Hunt

DH retired last week at the ripe old age of 44. It’s a medical retirement – he’s been in law enforcement for 20 years, and due to an injury sustained on the job, he can no longer physically qualify for the position; his department does not offer a light-duty option. The only other job he’s had is the 6 years he spent in the Marines right out of high school.

TBH, DH is pretty devastated and feels lost. School was never his thing, and he’s tried to go back to college a couple times and hated it. He would love to open a retail store, but feels he lacks experience in that field to make it a success. His grandparents owned a shop when he was growing up, and he worked in there on occasion as a kid, but things have changed a lot since then.

He’s thinking about getting a retail or warehouse job to get some experience, then perhaps opening up a shop in a couple years when our kids are out of the house. I’m trying to help him get a resume together (he’s never had one), but it just seems off, since his experience is so different from the position he’s seeking now, and it’s a challenge to describe why he’s looking for a new job without getting really personal about his disability. We live in a college town, and DH feels most employers here would rather have a college kid who’s at least worked fast food, rather than an old(er) guy who is new to that type of work. I go back and forth between feeling empathetic for DH and his life-changing situation, and getting frustrated he’s taking a woe-is-me approach when I feel it’s a golden opportunity to pursue something he’s passionate about, even if it doesn’t make a lot of money (since he has his retirement to supplement whatever he earns at the new job).

I guess I’m just venting, although any resume or job search advice is welcome.

Re: DH's Job Hunt

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    I'm happy to work on him with his resume if he needs it. I've done a lot of resume work for people in the past. PM me if you would like help.

    It's a tough situation. He's at a distinct disadvantage without a degree in a college town. There's no way around that, other than going back to school. The key is to connect skills that he's developed/used on the job with new positions. For example, there might be a connection between high stress police situations with customer service efforts. It could be a stretch, but you get the idea.

    I'd also recommend that he look into volunteering. It will give him something to do with his time and some purpose while helping him develop skills that will be useful in the job search.

    Finally, see if he'd consider giving college another shot. Or, if not college, some sort of certification program that will prepare him for a new career. The more education, the easier to find work.
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    I have no advice because unless it's a teaching job, I don't know how to apply for it! But internet hugs for you and vibes he finds something soon!
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    If he's looking to own/run a business then I'd think he should get some experience on owning or running a business, rather than being a sales associate or warehouse worker. Getting some accounting experience (whether through a class or just fiddling around at home) could be very useful. I mean, so many of those failed business TV shows are due to people opening up businesses with NO business acumen whatsoever.

    Unless he needs help on how to deal with customers or how to properly stock things, I don't think that he's going to be getting the kind of experience that he needs from getting an hourly wage position like what he's looking for.

    Is there a V.A. that he can go to and to get some training? I really think that he should do some business or accounting courses before considering opening up his own business or store. Plus he'd get some good contracts for people to possibly hire as well - so it's win win!
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    The good news is if he wants a retail job, now is a great time to apply for one.  A lot of places are hiring extra workers for the holidays.  Most of those jobs can turn from a temporary holiday position to a regular position if he proves himself capable and dependable.

    Before my current job that I started a month and a half ago, I was working at a retail store for a couple years.  I got hired on the spot when I went in for my interview.  At one point, my manager was hiring anyone who came in who had reasonable availability and could walk and talk at the same time.

    Good luck!
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    What about applying to other departments for light duty work?

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    JennyColada - I agree a business class would be good for him. I'm an accountant, so I could help him.

    Larrygaga - one of the provisions of his retirement is he can't work for any agency that uses the same retirement plan as the one from which he's drawing benefits. Unfortunately, that's almost every LE agency in our state.

    WandaJune - thanks! Ill PM you when we get some info down on paper.
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