Have you used the Aussie DJ or A Sound Choice?

Hello fellow brides!

If any of you have used or have seen these DJs perform; can you send me your thoughts and insight on them?


Re: Have you used the Aussie DJ or A Sound Choice?

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    I have catered a lot of weddings that the Aussie DJ has been at, and he is great! Super nice, unobtrusive, great selection of music. I highly recommend him!
  • I used him years ago and he was not very good. From what I've read he's gotten better, but he forgot everything we talked about on our one on ones. I asked him not to play a few songs and he played all three. When i asked him why he played them, he said because they were requested by guests. The guests werent paying his fees. He played some of our selected music randomly, when we requested them to be for the garter toss. He said he forgot. All in all, very disappointing. We paid his fee, but I wish we would have used someone else with more experience.
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