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Orlando area knotties come here

I need a recommendation for the best, non-chain, restaurant in the area.  We'll be staying in Kissimmee next week and are looking to have a nice dinner.  It'll be a group of 5 people if that matters somehow.


Re: Orlando area knotties come here

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    Hmmm. Lots of yummy places. What's the budget like? What would be an alright price for an entree? With Mickey around, "moderate" doesn't count.


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    @dolewhipperentrees at $20-30 would be max.  
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    Awesome. Depending on where you're at in Kissimmee, some of these may be closer or farther.

    Breakfast/Brunch: Keke's. I've taken everyone here and they fall in love.
    Market Street Cafe. It's in the Stepford Wives' lookin quaint town of Celebration. Nom-licious.

    Lunch/Dinner: Sanaa at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Yes, this is touristy and in Disney, but it really is a great place and you get to see their "savannah" while eating!
    Yellow Dog Eats. Might be a little drive but worth it.
    Padrino's. It's Cuban, and REALLY good.
    Moonfish, only if you all like sushi and you can go during their happy hour. It's Epic. The regular menu might be a little out of the price range though.
    Sea Dog. It's a microbrewery, if you all are into those kind of places.
    Thai Thani. It's Thai. It's yummy. It turned my anti-Thai liking friend into a Thai loving friend.

    Also, if you all enjoy video games (classic to current), I suggest Player 1 Video Game Bar. Craft beers + video games = awesome nights.

    I may edit this as I keep thinking (only had 1 cup of coffee today out of my usual 2), and if you're going to any of the parks or convention centers, let me know and I can give you more ideas for those specific areas.


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