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Three's company is too much

Dear Prudence,
About a year ago my husband and I went to our best friend’s wedding. Six months later, we took him in when he realized the marriage wouldn’t work and he needed a place to stay. He’s a great roommate, we love having our best friend around, and he’s good about making himself scarce when we need time alone. Because we spend a great deal of time together, he often joins us in our activities. My husband and I are very much homebodies, we love Netflix, and we prefer quiet places and family events over noisy bars and clubs. This means that he’s not really getting out there. We have gone with him when he wants a night out on the town, but the trouble is he generally won’t go without us and we are getting tired of going. How can we remain supportive friends and get out of the late night pub crawls?

—Crawling Away

Re: Three's company is too much

  • Do you have a mutual single man friend to assist in the getting out phase, Mrs. Conn?

  • Does he go out on the town for the same reason you WANT him to go out on the town?  If he's not ready to look for a relationship, you shouldn't push him to do so.

    If you don't want to go out so much, ask him if he can make plans with other friends.  You shouldn't feel bad about letting him know you'd prefer to stay in.  You are friends, right?
  • Why do you need to help him get out? If he's fine with being a homebody- like you are- then let him be. FFS, Mrs.Conn, you and your DH are not
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