Grooms men gifts

I have already gotten my bridesmaid gifts, but I wonder about groomsmen gifts.  My fiance does not seemt oo concerend saying guys dont really care, nor expect gifts. 

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Re: Grooms men gifts

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    I would agree with your husband, I don't think guys know to expect gifts even. And I had to push DH to think of something for the guys too.
    But, think about getting them a little something to show your appreciation.

    We got all the guys (DH has 4 GMs, I had 2 guys on my side) converse to change into and wear at the reception instead of dress shoes. They appreciated it and it's a nice reminder of where they got them.

    A lot of people do mugs or flasks or something like that, or gift cards to places/things they each specificaly like.
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    Sigg water bottles with their names on them - we ordered them from cafepress.com - they look awesome and the guys can totally use the waterbottles.
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