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Bring on the TURKEY!

Cookies, muffins, and pot pie is made.  I just have a few veggies to chop, 3kids and myself to bathe, and a million and one things to load up.   We'll hit our annual trip to Starbuck's then be on our way. The only bad thing about the woods is remembering everything from soap to towels to food to bedding.  Once we're there we don't leave. 


Re: Bring on the TURKEY!

  • Jinx, but I'm too tired to change my other post.  So we get to enjoy two morning posts this morning. :) 
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    Going to be a low-key TG here.  We are headed to an aunt's home tomorrow late afternoon for dinner.  I'm off on Friday and DH works overnight.  His birthday is Sunday so we'll go out to lunch with my family for that and then to my mom's for cake afterward.  Monday back at it.
  • We're heading to my parents' house when DH gets off work.  We'll have TG tonight there, spend the night, and then head to my other grandma's house tomorrow for lunch.

    DH's parents are still oot for another couple of weeks, so we don't have any plans for his side of the family.
  • Max's birthday party is in 2 weeks.  I have nothing done.

    The Bunco host for December just asked me to find ideas for her.

  • TG OOT with H's stepfamily, no family on my side, which will be a little of a relief.  I'm having O-face family overload.
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    We don't have anything going on tomorrow other than preparing for Friday's demolition in our main bathroom (some jackwagon white-washed the ceiling before we moved in - it's meant to be wood bead board but hasn't looked good at all and the fart fan doesn't work so just a small demo/remodel project that has been sitting here for 4+ years aleady)... 

    I'll also be making turkey for DH who will be at work which the kids will likely eat some of (DH likes SIL's sandwich recipe so most of it is meant to go in the freezer) - I can't stomach the stuff...

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