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Happy turkey day eve!

Nothing like a little panic prior to having a frillion people in the house over the next 10 days (starting today).  Our water pressure tanked something fierce in the last few days.  So in the dark last night, DH and I are crawling around the crawl space and checking everything water related for leaks, flooding, disrepair, low PSI, etc.  Nothing was making sense.  We called a company to come out today (they didn't give us a time) and DH finally figured out the filter on the water filtration system was gunked up and blocked, so we bypassed it and have water again!  We were both freaking out and envisioning showering at my parents and writing a check for thousands.  

But because the water crap took so long last night, we are so behind on being ready for people.  But I think they'd rather be in a house with running water, heh. 

What are you TG plans?  We're going to my parent's tomorrow.  It's just going to my sisters and me (plus our spouses/kids) and older sis's SIL.  I'm glad it's going to be a low-key thing. 

Re: Happy turkey day eve!

  • H and I actually replaced the hardware on our kitchen cabinetry and it's amazing how little time and money can be spent to make an improvement.  And here we lived with crappy stuff for years, I know it's typical to do that...but wow.  It just reinforces how people will live with inconvenience because they're lazy. 

    TG plans?  We're traveling to see family OOT because we can't make it for their christmas.  First time we won't be celebrating TG with my family, but thems the breaks. 
  • Taking PF to see Frozen on Ice tomorrow morning then heading to the ILs until at least Saturday. I think H is making a pie today to take with us tomorrow. I dunno. I'm at work and he's on vacation.

    I'm thinking of bringing some of my crafting stuff so I can easily avoid my ILs.
  • We went to a concert last night (Andrew McMahon) - it was AMAZING - Andrew came down into the crowd during his encore and was dancing with us.I got to dance with him for a good 15-20 seconds - he had his arm around me. :-P His shows are always so much fun - I'm thankful that DK was willing to go. (it's not really his style of music, but he agrees that the shows have been a lot of fun.) DK also had a girl hitting on him, which was cute. (He assured her that I was not just his friend - we are married.) The venue was essentially an old punk rock type club that reminded me of a venue that I used to go to with my friends during college - great flashbacks to my first Something Corporate show. 

    I'm off today so I slept in - I'm going to get in a double workout and then hit up a few stores for last minute Thanksgiving stuff. We're going to DK's coworker's house  for dinner. I need to make up some cranberry sauce, but otherwise will be a fairly relaxing day. 
  • DH was supposed to work a shift and get time and a half on top of his salary, but he was exhausted today and gave his 8-4 shift to a guy who just started at the company who has no family. I felt sad that the guy has no family, but I'm happy DH will be home all day.

    Tomorrow will be the gym in the morning, then hanging at home watching parade and such and hitting up the park because it's supposed to be gorgeous. Then over to my ILs. I was able to convince MIL to have it catered by the Fresh Market, and we're each making a pie and an appetizer. Easy.

    Then on Friday we're leaving early for Disney. Both sets of parents will be joining us, but luckily ILs won't come until Saturday. We'll have some alone time with my parents who haven't seen the kids since June.
  • I am home today and working on my to do list. The kids are napping currently (well DS is just being an asshole about it). I hit up Target, the grocery store, and Total Wine for things we need for tomorrow and DD's birthday party. DD also has an ear infection so that's been fun. Tomorrow we are going to my parent's house- no IL's because even DH doesnt want to see them (woot!). I have lots to do the next few days but it's all good.
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