Railroad Tracks in PDX area for pictures....

I saw an expensive pdx photographer who took engagement shots in Portland at railroad tracks. I love them but I have an inexpensive friend taking mine who isn't sure where they are taken. I know photographers aren't too hot to share they're neat spots. So does anyone know where in portland is a good place to snap a few engagement shots?
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Re: Railroad Tracks in PDX area for pictures....

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    You could always try going near the area by SE Division and 12th... or I think there's a spot near SE Gladstone and 25thish.

    We did our engagement pictures under the Morrison bridge and right near Montage... and other than the bums milling around, it was a lot of fun getting those weird industrial pictures.

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    There are tracks that run along the Springwater Corridor bike path in Sellwood (head down SE Spokane St until it ends at the river).  If you get really lucky, there will be a train parked there, too!

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    Get directions to "Garden Vineyards" (a vineyard & event venue in North Plains/Helvetia area.)  When you follow the directions out from Hwy 26) to this vineyard, you'll cross under the most AMAZING train trestle that makes for stunning photos.  I've seen a few from here and plan to also make the trip for some photos during my July 2010 wedding.

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    We had engagement photos taken at some railroad tracks, even had the train going by in the background., which looked really cool.  Our location was by the Hawthorne Bridge on the East Side Esplinade (I think that's what it's called). It's very industrial in that area.  Then we went to the river and finished up.  I hope that helps.
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    Just make sure wherever you go that it's not a track that's used any more. It's illegal to shoot near live tracks and dangerous.
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    there are tracks that go through pier park in north portland that im pretty sure arent used anymore. and if youre into sneaking some shots at still in use tracks there are some that go through cathedral park in north as well, plus its on the river and under one of the coolest bridges, so you could prob get some other cool shots there as well.
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