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Who Pays for Trials?

I am footing the bill for my girls hair and makeup (I am not making it mandatory, but they are all opting in) for the big day, so is it OK to have them pay for their own trials prior to the wedding?

Re: Who Pays for Trials?

  • Why do your BM's need hair trials for your wedding? I paid for all my girls to get their hair done the day of the wedding, but I was the only one who had a trial. That is completely unnecessary. If you are making them get trials before the wedding though then you need to pay for it.
  • Most of them have never had their hair professionally done and none of them have ever had airbrush makeup - so they are all nervous, haha.  I'm not making either mandatory!
  • I think it is kind of weird for BMs to have hair and makeup trials.  If the same stylist who is doing your hair and makeup will be doing theirs then they can get an idea of the persons work by seeing what you look like after your trial.  Honestly I would tell them to relax and save their money.  Just make sure that they bring a picture or have an idea of what they want done the day of your wedding.

  • Very nice of you that you're paying for their hair and makeup but I've also never heard of the BMs having trials done. 
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  • As a bride I didn't have a trail,  I think it's weird for a BM to have one. 

    But no,  I do not think you have to pay for one.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • If they want trials they can pay for them. Its nice enough for you to offer to pay for the day of.

  • Yeah if you aren't making them get trials I would tell them to just skip it, but if they really want them then they can pay for them.
  • I think trials for the bridal party is overkill. If they are that concerned then they can pay.
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  • It's really nice that you're paying for your BMs' hair and makeup but I really don't think a trial is necessary. Usually, it's only the bride that gets a trial. If they're nervous, maybe you can invite them to watch your trial and they can get an idea of the kind of make up your artist uses and what he/she can do? If your makeup artist is ok with that, of course. I know some don't like unnecessary company in the room while they work

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  • If a bridesmaid is nervous about getting their hair or makeup done, why don't you just let them do it them self? I would find a trial very, very strange for a bridesmaid. 
  • As bride, the cost of my trial was included in my overall price, but there was no trial included for my BM. I get that your BM would be interested in trying the makeup since they haven't done it before, but any trials should be at their expense. Talk to the salon and maybe if the girls do a trial & then do it for your wedding, they can get a discount on their wedding day makeup for repeat service?
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