Idaho Bride Looking to possibly Honeymoon in Portland.

Hello Oregon Brides!

I'm getting married April 16th, 2011 in Boise and we aren't going to go on a big honeymoon. I would love to go relax on a warm, tropical beach somewhere, but we just don't have a lof of money. We have been together 6 years and we're not going to prevent pregnancy after the wedding. (not try, but not prevent. I'm not on any birth control, so it could happen very fast.)

I'm a big Les Miserables (broadway musical) fan and I saw they are coming to Portland in August. I've never been to Portland (Been to Seattle a lot, just not Portland) and I know about Newport, but I was wondering how the beaches are there. I know they aren't tropic, but are they warm? Can you lie on the beach comfortably in August? What would you recommend?

Thanks! :)

(I have to say, it looks like the Oregon board is a lot more active than the Idaho board! :) )
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Re: Idaho Bride Looking to possibly Honeymoon in Portland.

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    We would love to have you come to Oregon!  If I didn't live here I would definitely vacation here!  As for the weather at the coast, you'r right... it's def not tropical!!  As for laying and and hoping to get a tan, not likely.  Even in August.  I can be really windy at the coast year round.  It's also a lot more moderate weather there than the rest of the state.  For example, last August I drove from the Willamette Valley (where I live) to the coast.  It was 113 degress in the valley and 68 degrees at the coast!!  Of course that is an extreame example but it does happen!  You'd probably be able to get away with a tank and shorts on the beach if you get lucky with nice weather.  But you would def need jeans and a sweatshirt for mornings and evenings.  There are the crazy people who go swimming in the ocean here (mostly kids who don't care and surfers that wear wet/dry suits for warmth).

    That being said there is a lot of great stuff to do here besides laying on the beach!  It is a beautiful scenic coastline unlike any other in the world!  (biased? maybe!)  Newport has an aquarium that is fun to visit.  There's also a neat wax museum and underwater gardens museum.  Just south of Newport a ways is a neat attraction called the Sea Lion caves where you can take an elevator down into some caves where 100s of sea lions live.  There are so great dunes at the Oregon coast that are fun to explore on your own or you can rent quads to explore even more of the dunes!  There are also numerous lighthouses, hiking trails, the Tillamook cheese factory, etc.  Check out these websites for more information and I hope you enjoy your stay in Oregon if you choose to come!!


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    Like PP said, you definitely need a sweatshirt or jacket for mornings and evenings, but most summer days (esp July and August) you can wear short sleeves or tanks with shorts on the beach.  Actually, a lot of people do wear swimsuits only, but I don't as i'm not comfortable being that exposed in public.  However, it's not hot, just warm.

    Other things to do - hike Multnomah Falls, do all the Portland sight seeing stuff like Pittock Mansion, a jet boat ride on the Willamette or dinner cruise on the Portland Spirit, things like that.  If I were going to plan a trip here, I'd stay in Portland and do day or two-day trips from here.  I'd do a one day trip up the mountain to hike and sight see, then come back to Portland, and I'd do a two or thee day trip to the coast.  From Portland, I would drive down 99E/Pacific Hwy and do wine tastings through the valley.  Then hit Hwy 20 and head over to the coast.  Stop in Newport for the aquarium and then drive up the beach.  I'd probably stay in Lincoln City the first night (about 30 minutes from Newport), then drive up to Tillamook the next day to do the touristy stuff there, then continue on to Manzanita or Cannon Beach.  I'd spend the rest of the day there and stay the night, then head out sometime the next day and return to Portland.
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    In August at noon I still have to wear a sweater on the cost, but I'm a little crazy like that.

    There is great hiking all around the coast.

    Its kind of out of the way, but if you can make it to Lincoln City I have two recommendations. Its also a beautiful drive up the highway;

    The bay house is my favorite restaurant, but start saving for it now.

    Outlet mall! Especially if you are used to paying sales tax.
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    Thanks everyone! I will certainly save this post and look back on it for reference if this is what we decide to do. (It more than likely will be what we decide - I'm probably not going to get a change to see anything Les Miserables for the rest of my life!)

    Thanks again!
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