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Im from Pennsylvania born and raised but i live here now and its hard to find an naturally beautiful place to have a wedding in Maulwakee that doesnt cost a ton (Like the botanical gardens) My guest list is between 75 to 100. An our budget is 10,000 but that would leave us fiancially.... well sad lol.  So id feel comfortable with 5000 or just as little as possible. Im diy  for all the stationary, going to get a cheap dress, not getting my nails done ect so im trying to save $ wherever i can. The venue for the ceromony, reception and catering seem to be the biggest troubles and their making me frustrated.

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    My wedding was cheap and we had 100 guests.  The ceremony was at Lapham Peak State Park (Delafield) in their Homestead Hollow Lodge.  It is small, but ok for theater-style seating at a ceremony (no a/c), or you could rent a tent and have it there.  $100 for the lodge rental plus we paid for guest parking at $5/car.  I suppose you could have a reception there, but the lodge would not be large enough - you'd need a tent and I'm not sure about their music restrictions.  We had our reception at the Preserve at Deer Creek in New Berlin.  It's a golf course, but their banquet hall was surprisingly reasonable - I think you pay a flat amount and then for additional hours.  They even have a patio that you could probably do a ceremony on if you wanted it all there.  They do bar service and you hire your own caterer.  We used Bunzel's and got away with less than $10 person for an Italian buffet.  Good luck - the deals are out there if you look!
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