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Sometimes my husband is just too nice

So, last night DH and I finally sat down and picked the photos for our wedding album. (Only 5 months later!)  We decided that we would do 2 pictures each of our immediate family.  I chose one of me and my parents and one of DH, my parents and my brother.  He chose one of the two of us, his mom, and step-dad (FIL passed away 2 years before I met DH and MIL remarried about 3 years ago) and one of him with his mom and step-dad, even though I knew he really wanted just a picture of him and his mom. 

It took me 15 minutes to convince him that it was really ok for him to pick a picture of just him and his mom for our wedding album.  He kept saying, "But they will see it.  And I don't want to be rude."  His step-dad is a pretty nice guy who certainly doesn't think he replaced a 30-something man's father when he married his mother.  He does not care at all if he is only in one of the family pictures in our album.  Frankly, I doubt he would care if he was in any.  (In all fairness, MIL would probably want him in at least one picture, but we got her digital copies of all of the pictures, so she can just print those herself if she wants.  Heck, she can make her own album on Shutterfly or something.  We have printing rights to the photos.)

In the end, he did decide to go with the picture of just him and his mom.  But getting him to do what he really wanted took a lot more effort than it should have.


Re: Sometimes my husband is just too nice

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    If he really wanted more than two photos, couldn't you have cut elsewhere? Why was the number the most important factor? 

    But I'm glad you both got what you wanted in the end. My DH hardly ever needs affirmation that what he wants is OK, but I sometimes do. So I can understand why one might just need to waffle about something for a bit and weigh each outcome before making a decision. 

    Then happy I, that love and am beloved 
    Where I may not remove nor be removed.

     --William Shakespeare (Sonnet 25)

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    He didn't actually want family 2 pictures of him with his step-dad.  And this was when we were cutting pictures down.  Very fortunately, we had a fantastic photographer and our original selections for the album were about twice the number they were supposed to be because there were so many great pictures.
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