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what is everyone doing for the aisle Runner?

 I was wondering what everyone was doing for walking down the aisle.... I don't know what I want to do yet, thought I would see what everyone else was doing :0

Re: what is everyone doing for the aisle Runner?

  • I didn't use an aisle runner.  Many sites don't allow them for liability reasons (people tripping).  Unless the weather is bad and people are tracking mud in, I don't think they are necessary.
  • i am buying muslin fabric at a discount fabric store, i will be stiching black ribbon on the edges and painting a diy monogram at the end of the runner. I will be using double sided sticky tape to keep the edges down because i am not doing the whole roll out for me thing it will be purely decoration.

    I am debating rose petals and other things
  • We do not plan to have an aisle runner.
  • Also not using an aisle runner. Our wedding is outdoors, we plan to use rose petals and poms on chairs to line the aisle.  Don't want to ruin my walk by tripping or getting is stuck on a heel.
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  • I think we are renting an aisle runner from our venue. The ceremony is outside and my dress has a small train with lace over it, and we figured an aisle runner would help keep my train clean and from catching on anything. Probably no rose petals or anything else, though.
  • because we are throwing petals (dried ones from the first bouquet fi gave me Awww), the church requires it. I am jsut going to get one from walmart and have it laid out before the ceremony. it's basically just going to be used to catch the petals then rolled back up and probably tossed. I liked the idea of taping the edges down so guests don't trip. Since our church is carpeted, double stick tape probably won't work so well. maybe I'll find some duct tape in our colors to edge it with 
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  • We are not using an aisle runner.  We are having an outdoor ceremony and doing rose petals on the sides of the aisle and then having our flower girl drop some additional petals.
  • We are not using an aisle runner.  The ceremony is indoors at a church, there is flooring and carpet there. Also I am worried about people tripping or it getting wrinkled and just looking dumb.  We won't have flower petals either, but the FGs will carry pomanders.
  • Our church did not allow an aisle runner for safety purposes. Our church had hardwood floors so literally it would have been a slip and slide.
  • I think it really depends on the look you want. Runners are nice but I agree that most people find them to be a pain! They never lay flat no matter what you do and people often trip on them causing a problem for you and your guest. Rose petals are nice but not necessary. I think adding petals to the floor along the edges gives a nice look. You can lay them in kind of a thick line and if they get messed up by people sitting or moving around thats fine.
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    You can get double sided carpet tape from any home improvement store (think Home Depot) for pretty cheap. It should be worth looking in to.
  • I considered one to protect my dress since the ceremony was held in a tented garden, but abandoned the idea for all of the reasons given - safety, logistics, etc.  The train of my dress is filthy and would have been with or without the runner since I moved away from the area where the runner would have been so it would have done little if I had had one.  So, I think the question is, "What's the point of the runner?"
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