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Wedding Woes


About a month or so ago, my mom has QVC on and sees that there is a special for Mrs. Prindables apples. You get 10 apples with all kinds of nuts and crap on them for $45 and free shipping. Great deal, and awesome to give to people for the holidays.

So I got them yesterday, they look amazing. I give out 4 of them this AM to A's teachers and L's music teacher.

Then of course, this happens:

Brands haven't been identified, so I had to email them all and tell them not to eat them. I'm beyond embarrassed.


  • BOOOO!  That sucks. 
  • Dude that sucks!  I was looking at those for my nieces and nephews, but there are too many wearing braces right now.

  • I am so annoyed. I thought it was the perfect thing for teachers and whatever.

    I texted my mom and she thought I was kidding because she got hers and was going to give them away starting today.

    Also, I'm selfishly hoping that they aren't infected because they look delicious and I want to eat one!
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