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I bought my first house today!!!! Signed my life away at closing with the most signatures ever, and DH signed the title so he's on that. It was SUCH a long day, and we are exhausted, which means I also forgot about getting more pictures of the house. So stay tuned for more pictures as we get moved in but for now enjoy 2 old ones while it was under construction.

It was a rough road getting here, but it was all worth it! We sacrificed pride and "newlywed autonomy". We have lived with my generous parents for over 7 months saving up our paychecks for the down payment. We spent NOTHING (seriously it was awful and depressing) and DH worked a second job for gas money/extra money for the down payment. We would see each other for maybe 2 hours each week due to our work schedules. But now, he is back to working his one job and we have our very own house! We played with the alarm system and the garage door a couple times. Set up our cars to learn the garage. SO EXCITING! TV gets set up tomorrow, and refrigerator and washer/dryer get delivered on Wednesday! I can't wait to move in and bring my puppy dog over!

I'm a freaking homeowner now!! Eeeeek!!

Side note: I look short in my picture. I'm almost 5'7! DH is just freaking tall.

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