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Gaaaarrrr :( Gif story

So I got a new job today!! 
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Called FI to tell him, but he immediately cut me off and said he was busy and had to go. No congrats or anything after I told him. I called him while he was working, so I know he's busy, but I was excited and wanted to tell him first. Kind of took the wind out of my sails :/

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So I told my other close friend at work, and he said congrats, then immediately went into why it was a bad idea to leave here (we work at the same company) and how he had a job lined up for me (not guaranteed, with another team) and generally made me feel like shit. New company is great, and though it's smaller and less money (by a dollar an hour), it's the experience I need to move up in my career. He just went on to make me feel awful and cry at work, the same hour I got the offer call and accepted it.

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I'm still happy I accepted the offer since it's something I want to do, but it still sucks he doesn't support me and FI wasn't exactly excited at first (but I understand why, he will be later since I kept talking about it). 

I live in the suburbs of Chicago now, and will have to commute every day to the actual down town city of Chicago, but it's what I want to do with a great company. I just wish I didn't feel so shitty about it. 

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