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Wedding Woes

Gooooooood Morning WW!

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I'm in a crazy happy mood.  The kids and I had an awesome day yesterday.  We purged 2 bags of clothes, a bag of trash, and 2 boxes of toys.  I have a spot for every Christmas gift and sold off some of the old stuff earning a couple bucks. 

I won a Fitbit through DH's insurance, but thought I'd missed the window to get it because the email went to junk.  I'm not usually happy to be wrong, but I am today.  I have to go to campus to get it tomorrow, but it works out we can have lunch with DH.

I told DH I need some down time.  He has Friday off so I booked a daytime hair appointment then I'm going to the mall to make some returns and exchanges.

My boss is cracking me up.  He thought someone was giving me a hard time for doing something he asked.  I assured him it didn't happen and he got all "I've never even met you but for some reason I feel oddly protective."  I reminded him that 12 years in a papermill and 5 as a suburban SAHM means I don't put up with shit from anyone.

ETA: And I'm having a blast sketching out our new room!


Re: Gooooooood Morning WW!

  • Woohoo!!! That's all good stuff. 

    I finally broke down and took some drugs for this cold.  I hate meds, but I need to get better since we're having a party tomorrow night.  

    I have a hair appt scheduled for Saturday. DH has to work.  I'm hoping my kids can get along so I can go, but I am contemplating rescheduling it for my next day off instead. I am planning on going dark brown with red highlights. I can't wait.  :D

    I keep thinking I have so much to do for tomorrow, but I really don't.  I requested everyone bring stuff.  BIL got Cards Against Humanity.  I can't wait to play it. 
  • DD1 has strep.  I feel terrible for her.  She has had a rough winter break.  And our doctor called yesterday an hour before our appointment to cancel because he was going home sick.  We waited a little over an hour in urgent care to get her tested, but that's really one of the shortest waits we've had there.

    DH is busting his butt at work today so he can be home while I go do the bridesmaid stuff I was supposed to do yesterday.

  • Conn - DH got me CAH for xmas.  We'd never played it but I've heard people here rave about it and my cousin loves it as well.  We played it with some friends last week and I ended up crying from laughing so hard.

  • CAH is awesome.  We have a group that gets together and plays.  The people who bring the cards have all of the expansions.  I'll have to see if I can find the picture, but my new favorite card is a Victorian steampunk strap-on from Etsy.

    I don't want to go back to work, even if it is for only a day and a half this week.  Laziness has been lovely.  I'm looking forward to getting 2014 and some of it's remnants off my back.
  • tawillers said:
    DD1 has strep.  I feel terrible for her. 
    Poor DD1.  I hope she feels better soon.  What a way to spend (part of) your Christmas break!

    I finally broke down and took some drugs for this cold.  I hate meds, but I need to get better since we're having a party tomorrow night. 
    I used to resist taking anything, and then I started getting sinus infections after every other cold, it sucked.  My doctor was finally like "If you would just take a decongestant, it would help keep all that gunk out of your sinuses in the first place."  Turns out she was right.  ;)

    We're shuffling our plans around:  not surprisingly, FIL will NOT be getting together with us after all (planning fail on both FIL and DH), but we're still taking the kids to Atlanta.  But the day we were going to take them to Snow Mountain, it's supposed to rain all day, so now I think we're going to try to leave after breakfast Thursday and do it as soon as we get there.  I would rather go later, check into the hotel, hang out, grab dinner, etc., but it beats being rained out.

    Random:  I was researching fracking for work yesterday, and now TK keeps showing me ads for fracking equipment.  It's a little strange.  "See the latest in bridal fashion!"  "Shop accessories in The Knot Wedding Shop!"  "The T-Frac System is an economical innovation in downhole well completions, providing open hole or cemented systems that cut completion time in half!"  One of these things is not like the others...
  • I'm at work, and I'm successfully avoiding ACTUAL work.  This is the theme to finish out the year.

    I told a friend that it seems no one cares what I do, so I don't care either.  Is that bad?  Yes?  Still don't care.  I need to organize my digital files and create some sort of archiving system, but I'm still on WW messing around.  *sigh*

    Last night I had dinner with a friend, and that was a great way to start the week.  It just doesn't make me motivated for getting more completed at old house.  *kicks rocks*
  • PF ended up in bed with us last night which meant none of us got any sleep. This morning I had to take her to the dentist to start her teeth scaling (she was awesome. Cried and screamed and as soon as it was done she was blowing kisses and giving high fives). Now I'm at work. Exhausted.

    I'm so ready for it to be 1pm tomorrow. I need the looooooooooooong weekend again. Next week is going to be a clusterfuck since H will be out of town all week and PF's b-day party is on the 10th.
  • Morning. Yesterday I got up early to workout. I tried to get up again, but physically couldn't because yesterday's workout kicked my ass. I am so sore and it's really pathetic how out of shape I am.

    Like everyone else, I am slacking at work. I need to do a few things (one being my massive inbox). I'd rather be taking a hot bath and relaxing my muscles. I have tomorrow off so that isn't helping me.

    DH is sick, and I should be more sympathetic but I'm annoyed because we had plans and his being sick ruins them. It's totally selfish and horrible of me, and I know it.
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