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Purple shirt vibes?

My mother lives about an hour away.  Wishes she could move closer so she could see DD and DS more, but understandably doesn't want to commute 2+ hours a day.  Got a new boss, doesn't like him, but wasn't sure she could find another job because she's approaching retirement.  Then she saw the perfect job posted, a few blocks from DH's office, so she went for it.  Yesterday she was peppering me with questions every 10 minutes ("Should I say 'references available on request' or just attach them?" "Should I make my cover letter the body of the email, or send it as a separate attachment?") and finally submitted her freshly updated resume.  She just texted me five minutes ago, and she has a phone interview with them on Friday!  So if you have any to spare, could you send some purple shirt vibes my momma's way, because she sure could use some.
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